Tips to buy right living room sofa


Thinking of buy a new sofa? Well then don’t be clueless about which style of sofa, fabric and color to choose. Plan in advance .Four things which have to be kept in mind are the color, size, style and of course comfort factor.These four factors bring out the real look of the room.

So let us look at the points which have to be kept in mind before buying the sofa.

1. First of all please don’t get influenced by the showroom sales man. It’s his job to sell sofa unless if he is known to you, he will only sell sofa which gets him the maximum commission.

2. Keep the size of your room in mind before buying the sofa. Your living room will need more things other then the sofa like a lamp shade, table and pots etc which also require space. So for living room, a two -seater, armless fully upholstered sofa is quite an appropriate thing to buy.

3. For large living rooms you can buy any size sofa according to your general requirement. Generally three seater sofa is preferred for large living rooms.

4. Avoid facing of sofa with each other in small living room. Take L shape sofa for that .With very large room you can place the sofa away from the walls and use the back portion for a show piece or anything of your desire.

5. In small living room one should keep 2 chair spaces for extra sitting.

6. Nowadays bulky sofa is in fashion and comfort with neutral color is most preferred. Colors like white, cream, taupe, coffee and white are ultimate in style color and don’t go out of fashion for years.

7. Embroided sofas in prints or velvet sofa are quite in fashion nowadays.

8. If you are a vibrant person who love colors then you can buy bright red, blue and yellow too.

9. Make sure the quality of wood for your sofa is long lasting.

10. If you have pets and kids at home then choose the sofa color keeping the fact in mind.

11. Also you can buy a sofa cover along with the sofa which helps in covering the sofa when you are out from home or on a long vacation.

12. If maintenance is a problem for you then avoid velvet sofa as it requires proper care from your side.

13 Try to measure your room before purchasing the sofa so that you get a good idea before hand on what size of sofa to choose.

14. Make sure you keep the sofa away from direct sunlight as this can damage sophisticated fabric. If your sofa is next to window then you can use curtains to protect the sofa.

15 Last but not the least accessories your sofa with silk, velvet or resham cushions. You can choose leather cushions too. Cushions can give the desired look.By you cushions you can give it a vibrant,classy or a stylish touch.



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