Tips To Camouflage Bad Hair Day Stylishly


Tips To Camouflage Bad Hair Day Stylishly

You wake up one fine morning only to discover that you are having one hell of a bad hair day and then to freak out. Instead of freaking out over your sporadic tresses, you can try one of these amazing, totally easy hairstyles that are guaranteed to fix your bad hair day.

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We have listed few hairstyles that will spruce up your look and will help you to deal with your bad hair day. They are so awesome; you may want to wear them on good hair days, too!

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These simple hairstyles are lifesavers when it comes to camouflaging your bad hair day stylishly. So hide behind those hats no more with these simple hairstyles for bad hair days. All you need are few minutes of your time and basic hair accessories.

Easy Breezy Braid

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Just Part your hair straight down the middle and section off about an inch of hair on either side of the part. Next, braid both sections towards the back of your head and secure them with a small barrette or bobby pin. Your face will be free of loose strands and ready to rock on a bad hair day.

Side Fishtail

Take the top layer of your hair and put it in a ponytail, leaving the other half of your hair hanging down your back. Once your ponytail is secure, take two tiny sections of hair from the outer sides of your ponytail and cross them inward over each other. Keep going with new pieces from the outside of your pony until your fishtail is the right length for you. Don’t forget a hair tie to keep your hair locked in place.

Braided Bun


Just separate a medium sized section of hair from the bottom of your scalp, and leave it hanging. Throw the rest of your hair up in whatever kind of bun you like best. Once your bun is sturdy, braid the section you left out and wrap it around the base of the bun. Tuck the end of your braid into your hair tie and you’re ready to go.

Ballet Bun


Brush your hair and then lower the head to flip the hair over, and gather it into a very high ponytail/topknot by brushing it into your hands. Bring the head back up and secure this ponytail with a band. Gently brush the hair upwards to capture all your trace. Split the ponytail into two, hold one section high and start twisting it. Then bring it down and wind it clockwise around the base of the ponytail. Secure this first piece there with all the pins you need. Now take the remaining loose half of the ponytail and start twisting that too. Bring it down and wind it counterclockwise around the back part of the base of the ponytail.

Wrap around braid

easy braid hairstyles for date night

Prep hair with a small amount of shine enhancing oil. Create a deep side part. On the side opposite of your part, create a loose three-strand braid that wraps around the side and to the back. When you reach the ends of your hair, secure braid with an elastic. Tuck ends of braid under the braid. Gently pull on sides of braid to loosen it to your taste. Finish style with hairspray.

So now step out confidently on your bad hair day, Girls!!

Have you tried these awesome camouflage hairstyles for a bad hair day?

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