Tips to choose concealer brush


With new foreign make up brands entering in Indian market every day, we women have  lots of choices with us. No more we think of using our hands for makeup and have fairly understood the importance of makeup brushes. As we are aware therefore market too is offering lot many choices when it comes to make up brushes.

Choosing a concealer brush depends upon what kind of makeup application one is performing. There are great number of sizes, shapes, textures and materials that are used to make the brushes.

Below are some tips which you can consider while choosing a concealer brush for yourself.

*One should always consider the kind of make up one wears and how it is worn. As concealer brushes are meant for applying concealer which is generally of a cream like consistency therefore one should try to find a brush which is of synthetic bristles or fine bristles.

*It is always advisable to use a brush which has short handles as it gives you more control and accuracy. Short handle brushes are easy to use when you are sitting close to the mirror which most of us do.Those women who feel quite confident in applying makeup generally use long handles brushes.

*There are wide variety of brushes available in the market. Some are thick, some are rounder or smaller. Thick brushed are for those women who are always in hurry when applying their makeup. Smaller brushes are for those who take their own time to get their desired look.

In the end one should always analyze well before choosing a concealer brush and never refrain yourself from trying out new brushes.

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  1. Hey Anamika.. I agree bout the synthetic brush…Under eye area is so sensitive.. The cocealer brush shd be verrryyy soft..I have a local made concealer brush… But it is amazingly soft… Fingers are useful but I find it difficult to blend the comcealer with fingers…Too much pressure is needed…

  2. Hmm nice post!! im yet to buy a concealer and a concealer and a concealer brush…but will keep thes thing in minds 🙂

  3. I have a concealor brush from The Body shop, but generally end up using my fingers. Some how I feel the warmth of the fingers helps the concealor melt and blend better. :DBut this was a very informative post! Thks 😀


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