Tips To Choose The Right Toner For Your Skin


Toning is considered to be one the basic and important part of our daily skin care routine. If you moisturize your skin every day then you should never skip the toner. Like all moisturizer are not meant for our skin similarly all toners are not meant for our skin too.One has to find out the right toners which will suit their skin type.

The basic aim of toner is to remove the unwanted soap residue, restore the pH balance of the skin, remove excess oil, minimize pores and help prevent acne breakouts .

*Toner improves the skin tone by increasing blood circulation and restoring the optimal pH balance and this automatically improves the skin complexion.

*Not many people know this but toner set up our make up as it helps in removing excess oil and other impurities.

*Facial toner gives you a fresh feeling and helps in minimizing pores due to the astringent components.

*As it removes impurities from the skin it kills all the bacteria and impurities which help in avoiding breakouts.

Toners are generally divided into three categories:-

1. Dry skin toners-People with dry skin are recommended skin fresheners which contains less than 10% alcohol. An alcohol free toner or toner which doesnt have salicylic acid should be preferred. Even after choosing the dry skin toner if your skin still dries out than also should not skin it.

2. Combination or all skin type-Toners which have 20% alcohol is suitable for most skin types. Combination skin toners contain AHA exfoliating agents which benefit the combination skin.

3. Oily skin-Oily skin people needs astringent which has about 60% alcohol in it .

4. Acne prone skin-For those who have severe acne problem should choose toner which have at least 2%salicylic acid as astringent solution can completely dry out the skin.

5. Sensitive skin-Those with sensitive skin should avoid toners which have artificial fragrance as it can hamper the skin.

Toners should be as natural as possible. If one use homemade toners in their daily routine then there is no comparison with expensive market product .Most of the market toners contains biodegradable ingredients which are harmful for the skin.

Do not use toners which have toxic elements such as phthalates, parabens, dioxin or VCOs as these chemicals have been proven to be harmful for our skin. They disrupt the endocrine system.



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  1. Hey Anu, just came across this post…advise me one thing very honestly!!
    we always say that we should use alcohol free toners, but in this post its written that oily skin should use astringents with 60% alcohol!! what do u use, astringents or alcohol free toner?? (in summer of course)
    me too oily!!

    • i use astringent one is keeps acne under control and helps in avoiding alochol..but i keep rotating it also 🙂 sachhhiii:)

  2. oh i see…astringents in peak summers when skin becomes too much oily and normal hydrating toner like Fab India wala, in winters, is it??
    aaa…one more query please…which brand of astringent do u use, i wana try it, my skin too is super oily..

    • I use Lotus toners for oily skin..basil one it has good amount of astringent and keep my skin cool too..u should try khadi toners also..i m sure they must be good:)

  3. Good article, but bare in mind that parabens are not a problem if used in toners or any other product for that matter. The article states that parabens disrupt the endocrine system, this is a statement that is not supported by current studies. There are a lot of articles about parabens, a lot of them misleading because many people think they cause cancer which is false-this is only a MYTH TO BE BUSTED, STUDIES don’t show this! Maybe you can write an article about this and cut the paraben paranoia on the web 🙂
    As for the toners, I love them and use them all the time. My favorite ones are thermal water sprays, they don’t irritate at all. I use Avene.
    Take care!


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