Tips To Color Hair At Home


Tips To Color Hair At Home

Beautiful and healthy locks are every woman’s dream and they long for a lovely mane as it makes them look unique and more attractive by opting for various styles. Hair texture and length are some of the basic characteristics which are more dependent on the genetic formation of an individual. However, time and efforts can also result in making the hair strong and shiny in due time by using the right products for hair.

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These days due to the lack of proper nutrition in the diet and increased level of stress in the lives of individuals problems like sudden and pre-mature greying of hair has been commonly been noticed in people. Grey hair don’t look bad when they are according to age of a person but they surely don’t look good at all when they start greying at a younger age say the 20’s itself!

Well, You must have surely heard or seen your mother or grandmother using natural ingredients like henna, shikakai etc to have healthy and naturally black hair. However, those methods to color hair from saving them from being grey have become more of obsolete and new and easy ways have taken their place.

Her, I will be stating few tips and suggestions to color hair at home in an easy way-

First of all one needs to understand that hair color at home is not an easy task as you may not always get so much free time to apply color and just sit back so plan it on days when you think you have ample time to apply and color your hair without any hindrance.

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Earlier, Henna was considered the most easy and effective hair color that one could opt for in order to get a perfect hair color with almost looks natural. These days there are so many brands of cosmetics which have introduced henna powder and now it has become practically impossible to choose what is the best henna available in stores. Also , many people have complained that using henna for a considerable amount of time has made the hair texture turn dry and damaged.

tips to color hair at home

Another tip to remember while coloring hair at home is that you have a helping hand to reach out the difficult places on your head which you alone cannot manage and end up in an uneven hair color. Take help from a friend or any family member to cover all your grey hair.

Hair can also be colored using the Beetroot which is also a popular way to achieve colored hair at the comfort of your home, however to color hair with beetroot you need to invest time in extracting and squeezing out the juice which is applied to the length and breadth of the hair for a decent hair color.

How To Make a Beetroot Powder and Its Uses

A mixture of amla, shkikai, reetha soaked in a black kadhai was also used by our mothers & grandmothers to have natural black strands however the mixture was messy and didn’t completely come out inn a single rinse, it is no more a very popular way to color hair at home.

Nowadays there are many options to color hair through chemical preparations and they can also be easily used to cover the grey portions of hair. The synthetic hair color is easy to apply and gives better results than the other methods which use natural ingredients.

How to color hair at home

I hope you liked these simple and basic tips to follow while coloring hair at home. What ways do you prefer to color your hair at home?

Have you tried these tips to Color Hair At Home?-

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