Tips To Do Makeup During Melting Temperatures Of Indian Summers


Tips To Do Makeup During Melting Temperatures Of Indian Summers

The weather has become quite hot and now you need to change the way you do your makeup in winter. Heat means sweat and oil on face which makes even the best makeup look drab and patchy. Makeup running all over face not only sounds hideous but looks equally bad. Summers call for light makeup both in terms of coverage and color choices.

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Indian summers are really not makeup-friendly. Whatever you do to your face, has the risk of slipping off and creasing. From basic preparation to finishing touches, everything needs to be done carefully if you want to keep your makeup looking fresh in heat. These are some Tips To Do Makeup During Melting Temperatures Of Indian Summers-




Cleanse and tone and your skin. You can rub an ice cube on face as well. Use a very light moisturiser on dry skin, oily skin can easily skip it. Apply a good, oil-free sunscreen. Then apply a primer as it will not only provide a smooth surface but will also prevent skin from getting oily quickly.



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Its better if you stay away from foundations and concealers in summer. If you must use them, then use liquid or gel based foundations. Apply foundation with a damp sponge for a beautiful sheer finish in summers. Avoid concealer. If you only have a few dark spots then skip foundation and apply only concealer on the spots and blend well.

The best base in summers are BB and CC creams. They are light and give some coverage too. Heavily made up skin doesn’t look good in sultry weather.

Use only a colorless, sheer powder to set your makeup. Keep it to minimal and use only where you need it.

Eye Makeup


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Never skip eye primers in summer as they will prevent creasing. For eyeshadows, stay away from cream formulas and instead go for powders or gels. For powder eyeshadows, use a damp brush for application. This step will give a good and long-lasting finish.

Water-proof mascara is perfect for use in summer. Sweating does not make them run all over your face. Gel eyeliners are best for summers as they are long lasting. If you want to wear kohl pencil, then set with some matte black eye shadow or powder kohl.



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Again, go for powder, gel or liquid blushes rather than the cream ones. Powder blushes fade quickly so gel and liquid blushes are best in summers. Use fresh colors like peach, soft pink or corals.



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Shun the sticky gloss and load up on light lipsticks. Heavy formulas are no-no for hot weather. Wear sheer lipsticks or something that is matte. Tinted lip balms are amazing for summer or get some lip and cheek stains that give a fresh look to both cheeks and lips.



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Blotting sheets are must haves in sweaty weather. Carry them with you all times and dab on the shiny areas of face lightly in the course of the day. This way your makeup will stay in place and your face will be free of any slick, shiny look.

What are your tips to do makeup during melting temperatures of Indian summers?

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