Tips To Do Quick Makeup In 10 Minutes


Tips To Do Quick Makeup In 10 Minutes

Hello Friends!

Another big festival is just a few days away and I am sure all of you must be looking forward to it with much enthusiasm and interest. I will be celebrating Diwali with my in laws this year and will badly miss my better half!

It is usually a silent affair for me as I hardly light crackers or any other stuff but only do the traditional Puja and light Diyas on this day! I love to dress up traditionally for the day. Since so many relatives come to meet on Diwali, ladies of the house seldom get the much raved  “5 minutes” to dress up and do makeup along with greeting and attending the guests.

I am going to share few of the tips to do makeup in flat 10 minutes for important occasions like Diwali when you have so much stuff to manage but still have to look your best.

Cleanse the face


White Plus HP Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser+pearly whitening face foamy wash


Using a foaming cleanser to get rid of the impurities of the face is essential for a flawless face and smooth makeup. Quickly wash your face with a cleanser cum face wash and pat dry.

Don’t Forget to Tone


forest essentials toner


Toning of the skin is as important as cleansing as it will hide the large pores of the skin and makeup application will be much easier on a perfectly toned skin. So while you are arranging other accessories for the occasion, just apply the toner and let it absorb on its own.

Apply Primer


clarins instant smooth primer


Skipping a primer will only make things too time consuming for you as primer tends to repair the skin for the base foundation to smoothly blend on the skin. If you skin primer, then applying the base makeup itself is going to tale 4-5 minutes.

Conceal dark spots and Blemishes

Now quickly conceal the dark spots of the face with a concealer and also cover your dark eye circles for a flawless look.

Apply Base makeup

Quickly apply the drops of base makeup on the whole face and start blending with a sponge or a foundation brush. This will not take much time as your skin is already smooth due to the makeup primer.

Use a compact powder


street wear compact shades


It is equally important to set the makeup by using some loose powder or any compact powder with soft strokes and you are done.

Apply A Bold Eyeliner


glitter eyeliner


I would suggest to skip eye shadow for the quick look and go with a bold eyeliner on the upper lash line to give a vibrant look to the eyes. Apply kohl on the waterline after that.

Apply Color on the lips


street wear lip glodd death by chocolate lip swatch


When doing a quick makeup look there is hardly much time to first apply lip liner and then fill in with you favorite lip color so my tip would be to opt for a lip stain/ lip gloss or lip paint pot for those quick looks. Just dab some lip balm on the lips and go ahead to apply your favorite choice of lip gloss or stain.

Lastly if you have few seconds left, just use a face brush on the face to remove any residue or fall outs after the makeup is done.

Tadaa! You are good to go and all this you will complete easily in ten minutes time where 10 minutes are exclusive for the makeup part! 🙂

It surely seems as it it is going to take you hours but believe me, women are born multi-taskers and they can easily manage to accessorize themselves while doing their makeup in flat 10  minutes! (Y)

I hope you like these tips. I usually follow these when I am late for an outing or a visit to a friend’s place.

What are your tips for a quick makeup in 10 minutes?

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  1. Perfect tips Ira.. But d prob is I just lose track of time while getting ready 🙁 wl need to follow dese tips next time m in hurry 😉


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