Tips To Exfoliate Skin Without A Scrub


Tips To Exfoliate Skin Without A Scrub

Are you really tired of spending on getting those expensive salon treatments or those very expensive products that you get and the time you spend in applying them and then waiting for the results to finally appear? Same here, I was tired of looking for those good to suit me products and finally got to know about some products that I could try at home and do it any time I would want to.

I am sure you would be as surprised as I was to find out about the exfoliating qualities of these products. Read on Girls!


table sugar

See I told you, you would be astonished to know. Sugar is one of the best exfoliating agents you can try. It is always available in your home and you may apply it whenever you want during the day. All you need is to mix it to some oil, like Olive Oil! The advantage of using sugar is that Sugar has glycolic acid which is very good for skin and people pay a lot to get it done outside from those expensive parlors. Do try this one!


oatmeal skin care

See! Another ingredient that you may find in your kitchen. Oatmeal is specifically good for dry skin and very sensitive skin. It is very effective as an exfoliating agent as it takes care of dead skin cells in a toned manner. All you need is to get the oatmeal to be grounded, then finally mix it with water and apply on your face gently.

Baking Soda:

baking powder

Another home-stocked ingredient, even if not, it is easily available. All you need to do is to make a paste of baking soda with water and apply on your face. Remove it gently once you are done with a little bit of massaging. This works excellent on the skin and brings a tender softness to you in no time.

Sea Salt-

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Please be careful and do not confuse it with table salt! Sea Salt is a little bigger in size with big granules that do not dissolve easily. It is good for parts of the body which are not soft in nature. Like, for example, elbows, feet and ankle. The salt does not stick and helps a lot in bringing cleaned body parts to existence.



Using caffeine is considered as a good exfoliator. Always use it with water and apply on your face. Be ready for some bit of cleaning process as coffee sticks to the skin but it gives a good result after you rub your face in round circular motions. It is specifically good for puffiness under eyes. And not to forget, it is very much available to you at any time.


almond paste for skin

Using grinded almonds with water is a great exfoliator. Almonds seem to be universal treatment for all skin problems, isn’t it? Hair, eyes, and now exfoliation on skin, they do it all. Almond powder used with water works better than those expensive scrubs you find at the salons.

I hope these tricks have surprised you and motivated you to do exfoliate your skin time and again for maintaining a better skin in the days to come. You may not worry about going out or spending money to pay for the not-so-required expensive treatments. The most special part is that it is doable by you alone whenever you want to and with the agent you might want to use.

Have you tried these exfoliating ingredients?

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