Tips To Get Bouncy Wavy Hairstyle At Home


Tips To Get Bouncy Wavy Hairstyle At Home

Since ancient times, tresses have been an integral part of every woman’s charm. We have seen how curls and tresses play an appealing and vital part in enhancing the charm and beauty of every woman. Whether it is the Egyptian wonder of Cleopatra or the Mughal charm of Noor Jahan, all of them were uniquely famous for their beautiful tresses. This has continued till date, irrespective of the fact how the times have changed gradually, how every aspect of fashion has evolved and changed over the years; the love for beautiful tresses has remained the same all these years. Every woman in history, every woman of the past and the present has a wish to possess beautiful hair naturally.

For best quality tresses

half up hair style
Whether knee-length hair or short hair, curls, wavy or straight hair, black or blonde. Every woman loves shiny, dazzling, smooth, strong and bouncy. And hence this has made every woman in history and in the present to try out every possible method to add shine and charm to their hair.

Alarming pollution a killer for skin and hair


In the past two decades, the increase in pollution levels in air and water has been alarming. This has affected not only our health but also our skin and hair. Yes, you might be surprised to know that the sudden rise in hair-fall which you have been facing for the past few years!It  is very much due to the alarming levels of pollution in the air we breathe. Have you noticed how our tresses have lost their shin and luster and often reduce down to nothing but something very nearly close to fine jute strands? Also several other factors such as stress, anxiety, unhealthy food habits, and sleep disorders are equally responsible for the deteriorating health of hair.

Natural home remedies at home

Henna and Aloevera Pack for Damaged Hair+home remedies for hair
Though hair experts, salons and spas have found their best solutions to the issues and have taken good care of our hair but it is not always possible to visit a spa or a salon for a hair treatment or hair spa! Hence women have been hunting for various natural remedies that can be implied and practiced at home to get naturally beautiful tresses.

Apple-cider vinegar or a natural fruit pack of smashed bananas and honey!


For example, if you want to have shiny, bouncy hair at home without undergoing the chemical processes at the salons and spas; then you might like to try out home remedies. Like applying apple-cider vinegar or a natural fruit pack of smashed bananas and honey! There are several methods to possess shiny, bouncy and wavy hair at home without much of hassles.

The most sought after remedy to have a bouncy wavy hairstyle at home is the application of yoghurt. Yes, as tasty as it is, yoghurt is also a vital ingredient to boost the shine and bounce in your hair. All you need to do is apply yoghurt to your hair and leave the application for around 30 minutes. Wash off the yoghurt and rinse your hair with a mild herbal shampoo and apply conditioner. With the help of a blow dryer, and a wooden comb, blow dry your hair and get that bounce!

Vinegar to enhance the shine of your tresses


Though applying vinegar to the hair is said to enhance shine of your tresses, yet, rinsing your hair with apple-cider vinegar and then with help of a hot iron bar or blow dryer, you can have that much wanted bouncy wave in your hair.

Hair mask that works wonders

homemade avocado hair mask

There is another face mask shared by Anamika which is full dull and dry hair.

Since blow drying or running the hot iron bar tends to dry up the tresses, hence application of a hair mask before washing the hair is a much needed affair. For a natural hair mask, you can make some juice of bottle-gourd add a little amount of amla powder, and any natural oil to the mixture. Then apply this mask to your hair and rinse off with a mild shampoo. After this, you can condition your hair with beer. This adds a shine and bounce to your hair, after which you can twist up your tresses the way you want the waves to be and blow it dry. Always try to use wooden combs or rollers instead of the plastic ones.

An idle hot Almond oil massage works the best

oil-hair-massage+HOW TO OIL HAIR

Another simple remedy is applying hot almond oil at night before going to sleep and making multiple little braids. In the morning, wash off your hair and condition well. After you blow dry your hair, just mark how your hair looks shiny, has that bounce and yes, possesses beautiful waves as well.
These were some home remedies to get beautiful bouncy hair with waves at home, effortlessly!


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