Tips To Have Long Lasting Straight Hair And Popular Straightener You Must Know


Tips to have long lasting straight hair and Popular Straightener

Straight hair is in the trend now! Every other girl you see on the road has poker straight hair which is the cause of envy for many who don’t. Straight hair doesn’t only look good but also is very easy to style. But is achieving straight hair easy? Well, it is if you have a good straightener in your kitty.

Hair straightener is the tool for achieving long straight hair. Though now-a-days hot hair brushes have also gained popularity, yet the old school straightener has remained in its place only. And if you are new to straightening or wondering how to keep your hair straight for the longest period of time, then this is the place for you. This post is all about hair straighteners and tips to have long lasting straight hair.

Hair Straighteners:

Hair Straightening is a technique of making hair sleek, straight and appear smooth. Hair straightening can be done using a flat iron, hot brush or by chemical process. Also, there are two types of hair straightening done- permanent and temporary.

Permanent hair straightening is generally expensive and needs a lot of hair care which is a pain for some who don’t have time. Temporary straightening is something which everyone can afford and it is hassle free too. And temporary straightening can be done at home using a good straightener.

Straighteners should be chosen very carefully as they come in direct contact with your hair. The heat of the hair straightener is to be regulated very carefully, otherwise even your hair can burn. Though there are a number of hair straighteners available in the market and it can be confusing for someone to choose, I will list down 5 best hair straighteners that are available in the market.

  • Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener:

Philips Normal straightnerPrice: 1295 INR .Its available on discount on Amazon here 

  • Contains Ceramic Plates for smooth and straight hair
  • 210 degree Celcius temperature for that perfect salon like result
  • Easy styling
  • Portable
  • Universal voltage system for using anywhere in the world
  • Easy to heat up in just 60 seconds.
  • Philips HP8309/00 Hair Straightener:

Philips straightner

Price: 1745 INR.You can buy on Amazon here 

  • Ceramic plates for that smooth, shiny hair
  • 1.8 metres long swivel cord straightener
  • 110 to 240 degree voltage current
  • 210 degrees temperature for the perfect finish
  • 60 seconds heat up time.

  • Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair straightener with ceramic Keratin coating:

Philips Kerashine straightnerPrice: 2695 INR

  • 60 seconds heat up time
  • 1.8 metres cord for flexibility
  • Keratin infusion in Ceramic coating
  • Gives shiny, frizz free hair due to ionic care
  • 210 degrees salon temperature
  • Best in this price range

braun satin hair straightnerPrice: 7495 INR.You can buy on Amazon here

  • Build in sensors read hair 20x
  • Adjust temperature of heat for ultimate hair protection
  • Waves and curls can also be created
  • 3 users can use this product, saves ideal temperature for each of them
  • Built in intelligence for providing feedback for better styling

    Corioliss C3 Professional Super Slim Titanium Hair Straightener Mosaic

Price: 12000 INR.You can buy on Amazon here.

corioliss hair straightner

  • Titanium Plates
  • Long and slim plates
  • 360 degrees swivel cord
  • Portable
  • Slim body
  • Looks stylish and beautiful

Now, after straightening your hair, taking care is a must. Straight hair looks good when it is smooth and frizz-free. A hair styling tool, however pricey and well-suited for hair, it may seem, damages hair and leaves you with rough and dry hair. But like all other problems, this one has a solution too. So below are some tips and products that can leave your hair straight for long.

Some tips to have long lasting straight hair:

  • Always condition your hair every time you apply a shampoo. This not only helps to keep hair smooth but also makes hair manageable and frizz-free. You can try out the Reverse conditioning process which is to condition your hair first, shampoo it and then condition again. This will make sure to make your straight hair last long and beautiful.
  • Always apply shampoos designed for straight hair. Not every shampoo has the power to keep hair straight for long, so an expert hand is must.
  • Serums are the ultimate best friend to keep hair smooth and damage free. Always apply serums to the lower part of the hair. Don’t apply it to the scalp.
  • Hair Masks are really a boon when it comes to straight hair. Apply a mask once a week to get super soft hair.

And if you are thinking what products to use following these 4 steps then look no further. Here is a list of products that you can always opt for:

  • Hair straightening shampoos:

Loreal Professional X-tenso Care Straight Shampoo:

loreal x-tenso care
Price: 575 INR. You can buy on Amazon here.

Loreal Professional X-tenso care is a perfect option to go if your hair is damaged and you need a product to repair it. This one is perfectly suitable for rough and dry hair as it leaves hair smooth and soft. Perfect for use after straightening your hair.

  • Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo:

Tresemme Keratin smooth

Price: 148 can buy on Amazon here.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo is a perfect and affordable option to keep hair straight for a long time. It is infused with Keratin fiber that helps in restoring hair follicles and provides intense nourishment. It also maintains elasticity of hair and keeps hair damage free.

  • Schwarzkopf Bc Volume Boost Shampoo amino cell protector

Schwarzkopf Volume Boost Shampoo

Price: 530 INR. You can buy on Amazon here.

The Schwarzkopf Volume Boost Shampoo with Amino Cell protection is a perfect baby to go for if you want to keep your hair voluminous and soft. This shampoo repairs hair and keep hair roughness at bay.

  • Wella Straightening Shampoo- Resist

Wella Resist shampoo

Price: 500 INR.You can buy on Amazon here.

This Straightening shampoo from Wella repairs damaged hair, reduces split ends and makes hair less prone to breakage. This shampoo is perfectly suitable for straightened hair and protects hair from further damage due to heat.

  • Dove Intense Repair Shampoo

dove intensive repair shampoo

Price: Available in a variety of sizes

176 INR for 170 ml

430 INR for 650 ml

270 INR for 340 ml

The Dove Intense Repair Shampoo is a very well known pick for everyone who has dry and damaged hair. But did you know it was perfect for straightened hair too? This shampoo perfectly repairs damaged hair due to straightening and makes hair soft and intensely damage-free.


Other than shampoos, conditioners also help in repairing damage and gives straight hair the perfect shine and care it needs.

Toni&Guy conditioner

Price: 800 INR. You can buy on Amazon here.

This conditioner from Tony and Guy repairs hair that has been treated with heat and straightening for a long time.

  • Dove Intense repair Conditioner

Dove intense repair conditioner

Price: 176 INR

Dove Intense repair Conditioner is one of the best options in conditioners if you opt for an affordable option. This product is really effective and it not only repairs damaged hair  but also prevents hair from further damage.

  • Loreal Paris Intense Smooth Conditioner:

loreal smoothing conditioner

Price: 170 INR for 175 ml

The name says it all. This conditioner smoothens your hair like magic and is an ideal option for chemically treated hair. Also helps in straightened hair.

  • Matrix Opti Conditioning Cream Neutralizer

matrix conditioning cream

Price: 1194 INR. You can buy on Amazon here.

This product can be used all by itself or for best results, with a  flat iron. This one straightens natural curls and gives shine and bounce to the hair, we all wanted. A perfect pick if you want to make your hair the talk of the town.

  • Dove Rejuvenated volume conditioner:

Dove rejuventaed volume conditioner

Price: 250 INR

This one is a comparatively new launch by the brand Dove. This rejuvenated volume conditioner by Dove makes hair frizz free, damage free and full of volume. This gives hair the shine it needs.

Hair masks:

Hair masks are so important when it comes to keeping hair straight for the longest period of time. Hair masks can be made at home too but when it comes to professionally treated hair, a hair mask from a good brand does it all. Below are some great options:

  • Loreal Total repair 5 Hair masque:

loreal total repair masque

Price: 385 INR. You can buy

The hair mask from Loreal Total repair 5 repairs the 5 signs of hair damage. It is an affordable and widely available hair mask for all your hair concerns.

  • Tony and Guy Nourish Reconsruction Hair Mask:

Toni & Guy nourish reconstruction

Price: 1000 INR

This hair mask from tony and guy is suitable for all hair types. It has fibers and keratin actives that repair damaged hair and imparts a shine and softeness to go for. It is ideally suited for straightened hair.

  • Wella Professional Moisturizing Treatment for dry and damaged hair:

wella enrich moisturizing treatment

Price: 515 INR

The name of the hair mask is moisturizing treatment and surely does that! This hair mask repairs hair and makes it soft and smooth.

Hair serums:

Hair serums are to go for in everyday hair care routine, but it becomes essential when you have chemically treated straight hair or permanently straight hair. Below are some options for great hair serums.

  • Loreal Paris Serie Expertliss ultimate evening Primrose oil

loreal liss unlimited primrose oil

Price: 650 INR

This serum is the best in class for keeping hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free.

  • Loreal paris total repair 5

Loreal total repair smoothening serum

Price: 155 INR

This serum along with the conditioner does miracle in repairing 5 signs of hair damage. Your hair looks visibly soft, smooth and beautiful.

  • Streax Vita Gloss serum

Streax Pro Hair serum

Price: 185 INR

This serum from Streax reduces frizz and makes hair shiny.

  • Matrix Biolage Serum

Matrix Deep Smoothing Serum

Price: 295 INR

It is an intense smoothening serum that repairs and protects dry, damaged hair.

And with this we come to the end for this hair straightening tips, products and best hair straightener post. Hair straightening is an ongoing trend and every girl wants to plunge into it. But before that, make sure to keep your hair all beautiful and healthy. Hair is your crowning glory and you really need to be the queen that protects that crown!



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