Tips to increase metabolism and keep yourself fit this summer


We all love to dress up in summers and enjoy eating chats and golgappas. If you are among i those who want to live a healthy life and also look beautiful then a healthy lifestyle is essential. Refraining yourself completely from spicy food is not what I am trying to preach .One must enjoy life and for me what better way to celebrate your life then with food. But if some healthy life styles is adapted then life our metabolism remains in its best of condition and we are saved from many diseases such as diarrhea, dehydration, food poisoning etc.

Below are few tips which will increase metabolism, will keep you in shape and keep you healthy this summer.

1. Take heavy breakfast and include 1 glass of milk, juice, veg sandwich, salad etc.

2. There should be at least 3-4 liters of water intake .You can have it in the form of fruit juices, drinks and shakes too.

3. Avoid eating out too much. To keep yourself committed to the idea fix up a day for eating outside in a week.

4. Do not eat outside fruit chaats.

5. Do not starve in summers. Keep yourself-stuffed with healthy things such as sandwich, digestive biscuits, fruits etc.

6. Eating whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables and curd is must.

7. Give importance to low fat food products.

8. Try to get up early in the morning so that you can have breakfast on time.

9. Lunch should be lighter than breakfast. Include a bowl of soup and salad in lunch.

10. In evening you can take light snacks such as fruit, dhokla, poha, upma or ararot biscuits.

11.Reduce to amount of baked goodies & snacks items that you try to choose lower fat cookie choices like ararot biscuits, social tea biscuits etc.

12. Have your dinner maximum by 9pm.Go for a walk after half an hour and Eat as light as possible in dinner.

13.Avoid eating rice and stay away from all-purpose flour(maida) dishes, potatoes, egg yolk and full cream milk.

14. Limit your tea or coffee intake to 1 or 2 cup a day.

15. Avoid food made from refined oil.

16. Eat in moderate quantity rather than filling yourself up in one meal only.

17. Keep a water bottle with you even when you are at home.

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