Tips to increase weight

Most of the times you will come across articles which talks about losing weight but there are many who want to put on weight too. Infact there are people who are desperate to gain weight and gaining weight is as tough as losing it. There are numerous supplements which are available in the market which helps in gaining weight but they almost have no benefits. To gain weight first of all a positive attitude is needed. If you think that you cannot gain weight then you certainly cannot. Also, if you are in those who hate food then take out this notion from your mind. Try loving food. Secondly, visit a doctor and get yourself examined there might be some reason because of which you are not gaining weight.

Here are some tips which can be followed to gain weight .Albeit it does take time but your body surely is worth your time.

1. Idea is to take more calories than you burn. Don’t start gorging but be willing to eat. More intake of proteins such as red meat, poultry product like milk and curd helps in increasing muscle. Including eggs and cheese in your diet slowly increases muscles power of your body.

2. you should not to eat whatever comes your way but eat intelligently. Eat healthy food but frequently. You can make a diet chart so that you can know what you have to eat and what you have eaten the previous day.

3. Keep 2-3 hours gap between each meal and eat 5-6 meals a day. Gap is needed otherwise food will not get digested easily.

4. If you think you don’t have to exercise to gain weight then you are certainly wrong.20 minutes of brisk walking or aerobics is must at least 3-4 times a week. You can join a gym and ask your trainer to give you some weight gaining exercises.

5. If you are underweight then also you should stay away from junk food. Consult a dietitian to know which high protein diet you should take and what fats you should include in your diet. Peanut buTter, milk shakes ,banana are an easy way to increase your calorie count.

6. Eat snacks such as dry fruits, muffins, fresh fruit juices, milk, custards etc. These are mostly preferred by all.

7Don’t miss your breakfast. Start your day with a healthy breakfast comprising a glass of milk and banana, a bowl of fruit and nuts, whole grain toasts with cheese etc.

8. you can have whole grain bread, green leafy vegetables, paneer, chicken ,fish ,rice and dal for lunch .Eat dinner which include same things.

9. Your body will gain weight only if you stick to your diet plan. There are no fast diet plans to increase weight .Your genes and heredity does play an important role in your weight but good eating hobbits and effective exercising helps increasing weight.


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