Tips to keep nails healthy and essential nutrients required for maintainig them

Whenever you visit your doctor for a regular check up you will find him checking out your nails. This is because your nails appearance tells lot about your health. After your face it is the hands of a person which are noticed first and therefore beautiful nails are always in the wish list of women.

Your hands are seen whenever you interact with a person and beautiful hands makes a lot of difference.

Our nails are made of hard protein which is known as Keratin which protects the nails from injuries.
Our diet plays a major role in our nails health and to make them beautiful you should know what should be your diet intake.
Calcium and Vitamin A-Lack of vitamin A and calcium makes the nail dry and brittle.
Proteins-If you notice white bands across the nails then it is because protein deficiency.
Zinc-Some people have small white dots on their nails. This is because you are not taking required zinc in your diet.
Few tips which will help you out in keeping your nails healthy are:-
1. Drink lots of water Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Water helps in keeping nails from getting cracked and dry.
2. Whenever you come back from swimming apply moisturizer on your nails .Chlorine water makes the nail brittle and when one apply moisturizer on them it prevents them from getting brittle.
3. Nail polish which dries too soon should be avoided as they are not good for health.
4. Manicure your nails with in 4-6 weeks’ times. You can do it at home also without much of a hassle.

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