Tips To Look Fresh & Radiant After A Stressful Day


Tips To Look Fresh & Radiant After A Stressful Day

Stress is nothing new to our lives and in a way it is a part and parcel of the daily lifestyle of so many of us! I guess, it is only the babies who do not stress about anything until they reach toddler age! Yes it is that early when toddler girls start fussing over the dress you choose for them to wear to any occasion! And the little champ tries to perfect the score in a game and stresses over not being able to perform well or clear a level! :-p

Well, talking about beauty, one cannot let stress take charge of how we end up looking and we have got every right to stay gorgeous and heavenly even if the entire day was too stressful to begin with!

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It may be a busy and stressful day at office with deadlines to meet or may be a busy day at home with guests and all! It can also be an important occasion like marriage or engagement which requires no other special reason to be stressed!

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So what we can do in order to remain relaxed and let not the pressure get in the way of looking exhausted! So here are some must checkout tips to look fresh and radiant even after a bad day at work or home for the pretty ladies out there!

Hydrate Yourself-

coconut water

It is the most effective and energizing way to make sure that your skin has the required amount of hydration level and that it doesn’t look dull due to de0hydration! Sip on some water or get some fresh juice like coconut water or fresh lime and you will see as the energy level ups, you will feel your skin looking fresh with the natural flush!


If you have been lately feeling a little dull with the skin texture, then it must be because you skipped the basic weekly routine of scrubbing the skin which removes all the dead skin cells and makes the skin glowing and makes you look instantly fresh.

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Choose a gentle scrub which will also take away all the residue and grime from the skin to reveal and clear skin which is naturally radiant.

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A face buffer or an exfoliator brush would just be perfect to do the needful! 🙂

Munch healthy nuts & dark chocolate-

It is also observed that dry fruits and nuts are instant energizing substances and can increase your energy level much more efficiently than any other heath drink so make sure you have some almonds & dates with you so that after a whole day of stressful activities, a little treat way back home gives you the required boost of freshness and take away all the weary look from your skin making it shine!

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Have a bite of your favorite dark chocolate and it will immediately take away all the anxiety and will make you feel good!

health benefits of chocolate

Laugh Out Loud-

Make sure you have a heart warming laugh if you are feeling low! Watch a comedy show or share a joke which will instantly up your thoughts and will make you feel much better and refreshed. The flush on the cheeks after a great laugh is priceless and will fade even the best blushes.

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I hope you all like these easy tips to look fresh and radiant after a day full of stress and tension due to work and other life related activities!

How do you de-stress your skin?

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