Tips to maintain oily hair this summer


1.Oily hair should be washed every alternate days.
2.Rinse the scalp with lemon and use shampoo which are herbal and rich in henna.
3.Give head massage to your hair regularly .To know about hot oil hair treatment click here.
4.Avoid oily food.
5.Drink lots of water .
6.Try to avoid oily and junk food.

Regular use of these tips maintains the PH level of the scalp which helps in maintaining oily hair easily.


  1. I too have oily hair Palak…You can read other good remedies as well .Like use vinegar it is fantastic for oily hair.

  2. Wow! is that your hair?!! So lush! My hair is dry so I guess I can eat my fav oily foods ;DThanks for yr lovely comment Anamika :)♥xx♥

  3. hmm.. i think they would be of great help… my hair too oily that i feel as if i have a used gel just after two hours of bath :hypnotized: !!.. but with ur tips i have started to feel confident! :dance-left-right: !! thanks alot!!!


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