Tips To Prevent Skin Redness Post Waxing


Tips To Prevent Skin Redness Post Waxing

Waxing is definitely a curse on women especially because we have to get it done mandatory. I sometimes feel it unfair on women to be born with so much of hair. The pain to get you waxed and then deal with the pain and redness is something even more agitating. For some people, it disappears within an hour or so but for some people, the inflammation stays for a few days, which can be painful as well as irritating to look at.

waxing bikini area

I somehow feel this inflammation removes the entire purpose of getting a wax done! I mean we get it done for our skin to look good and what happens is right opposite. Don’t you agree?

Tricks to Look Gorgeous -Waxing

Anyway, I am bringing to you some solutions to combat this problem and we may find some respite with these.

Make a soothing mixture of milk, water, and ice

All you need here is to mix equal parts of milk, water and ice and apply to your skin. This will sooth you and gives your skin a much needed respite that too quickly. You can use it twice or thrice as needed creating the mixture every time afresh. Also, this can be used at any part you have got waxed so be sure to use it without worrying.


Use a Cucumber

cuucmber for under eyes

Cucumbers are known to be good to skin always. Their cooling effect is very good and makes your skin feel relieved of every pain and irritation sooner than any cream or ointment. You can use a raw cucumber or make a pack of cucumber using a blender and apply it.

If applying a cucumber directly, do ensure that you reverse the slices once they are warm. Flip the slice to the other side to ensure that the cooler side is touching your skin.

You can also add aloe vera gel to make the paste thicker, if you are using blended cucumber.

Apply apple cider vinegar

how to use apple cider vinegar

This is another way to relieve yourself almost instantly from the inflammation from waxing. Add it to a spray bottle and then spray it to your skin. The relief would be even better if you do it after a shower. It should be allowed to dry on the skin for best benefits.

Mint and Green tea together are just too good!


Take close to 4-5 green tea bags and about 2 cups of mint leaves. Pour boiling water over the tea bags and mix mint leaves. Now let the mixture cool down and drench well. Soak a cotton bub into the mixture and apply on the rashes and inflammation to see a swifter relief.

Apply Aloe Vera

Benefits of aloe vera

This can be the quickest relief from that pain and irritation. Just extract the gel from the plant directly and apply. Now sit back and relax and let it do what it does the best! Be sure of a quick relief.

Now I am sure you must be happy to know about so many things we could do to relieve ourselves of the irritation and itchy skin. However, be cautious about the burns that emerge  during waxing. If that happens so, always go for the medical advice or use an ointment immediately as it could be increase if not paid attention to.

Have you tried these remedies to reduce redness after waxing?

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