Tips to protect your foot and keep your limbs in good shape


If you are also in one of those who love high heels and values them as your priced procession then welcome to the club. I am a shoe-holic and I wish to buy every single pair of trendy high heel that come across me.
When I got married my father joked and asked me to take off every single pair of the shoe to my in-laws house so that his house is all cleaned up. Even if he wouldn’t have said that I would have never departed without taking them all. I am so obsessed with heels that I don’t throw my pairs for years even if they break down.

High heels make you look  confident and give a beautiful shape to your butt also. I think wearing high heels have en number of advantages .It makes you look tall, sexy and yes independent too.
High heels have their side effects also such as corns, calluses, ingrown toe nails, hammer toes etc. To avoid these problems you can follow few tips which will keep your limbs in shape:-

1. Avoid choosing heels which are slanted as they are not a healthy option. Always look for shoed that are flat and support your arch.
2. For every day wear pick shoes that have about an inch or so of heel. This support your foot natural arch’s and gives you a better posture too.
3. Avoid very flat shoes as well as they affect your ankles. Sometime flat shoes even show reverses effect on our ankles and make them fall inwards which might hurt the arch and the spine.
4. Do regular exercises and stretches to avoid calf muscles from getting contracted.
5. Curl your toes once in a while.
6. We have 28 bones in our foot and to stimulate them try picking up little marbles with your toes.
7. To regulate blood flow, flex your toes and stretch your muscle every one hour.
8. You must have heard this number of times. Try to walk on sand or grass for about 10-20 minutes every day. This shapes your knees and legs.
9. Do not pick up shows which are too tight or pointed at the toes. Always test, and try to buy a comfortable fit.
10. Wear orthotic foot wear .It releases stress of our back and ankles. Wearing orthotic foot wear not only relive you from stress but improve your posture as well.
11. Wear shoes according to your day activity. If you are required to stand for long hours that day then avoid high heels.
12. Elevate your feet 7 to 12 inches above your heart at night for a while so that blood circulation keeps steady.

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