7 Tips To Rejuvenate Tired & Dull Skin


7 Tips To Rejuvenate Tired & Dull Skin

Here comes the post at just the perfect time with the onset of summer season when the high level of mercury will leave the body & skin in need of constant hydration & nourishment. The raising temperature tends to affect the moisture level of skin which makes it dull and dry to a great extent. This requires a different type of skincare regime to meet the changing needs of the skin.

So, let’s acquaint ourselves with some basic tips which will help in rejuvenating tired and dull skin this summer.

Hydration is a must:


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This is not only for your body but also for your skin as the continuous sweating tends to reduce the water content of the body which constantly needs to be replenished through proper water intake. This is definitely the first thing you have to ensure so as to achieve a hydrated and fresh skin.

Maintain your beauty routine


beauty in summer
It is a must to regularly indulge in your beauty routine which is well suited for your skin type. A regular CTM will reduce the efforts you will be making to achieve a bright and fresh skin. Any avoidance in doing that may lead to the accumulation of dirt & dust and eventually skin problems, so make sure that you take out some time for the skin and perform your beauty ritual daily.

Pamper your skin with a hydrating mask


skin care tips for summer

Summers require hydration of the skin & body. Apart from the intrinsic efforts you are making by following a ‘mostly liquid diet’ in summers, an external pampering for the skin is also equally important. Make it a habit to weekly apply a hydrating mask to your face all through the summer season. This routine will surely benefit you and you will be elevated with its amazing results.

Enjoy the summers with cool ice cubes

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It high time to add the ice cubes to your beauty routine too apart from the healthy drinks & juices you feast upon in summers. An ice cube will instantly freshen up dull skin by relieving the skin which is at higher temperature. This is a cheap & quick trick to get a fresh face in times of hurry. Moreover it makes the beauty products applied on your face stay for longer durations. Occasional splashes of chilled water on the face also have the same effect on the skin, so don’t forget to do that too!

Exfoliation is the best secret

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During summers the skin gets exposed to a number of harsh conditions like sun exposure, dust, pollution and hot winds, so in order to survive in such extreme conditions, it is very important that you worship the ritual of exfoliation as it will enable you to scrub off the dead layer of skin along with dirt and impurities which the skin attracts due to constant sebum production and sweating. This also clears clogged pores and enables deep penetration of the skincare products applied to the skin.

Essential night care

Essential night care
It is a must to practice a proper night care routine so that the moisture lost during the whole day can be replenished during the night and you wake up to a radiant & moisturized skin. Night skincare promotes skin regeneration and aids in the natural repair process of the skin with the fall of night.

Beauty sleep

All of us are aware of the beauty sleep but still stress & other factors bound us to have enough of it but actually it is far more beneficial for the whole body & skin than we think. Proper sleep ensures that the body is relaxed to the maximum extent and there are no problems of dark circles or under eye bags which are common results of sleep deprivation. This also lets the skin complete its regeneration process in a regular way without any interruption.

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  1. Such good tips Ira.. 🙂 I can look at making a pointer from this and stick on my vanity 😉 will remember to follow all dese steps den.. 🙂

  2. great tips Ira….all of us know the importance of hydrating our body but always miss out on this easiest tip, I should make it a point to drink more water 🙂


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