Tips to Rock The No-Makeup Look


By Stuti Khurana

Tips to Rock The No-Makeup Look

Nude makeup is becoming a raving trend now. It is one of the most gorgeous looks a woman can carry. It is not always necessary to load your face with a lot of products. A no-makeup look enhances your natural beauty if done right! The trick is to choose those products that become one with your skin and give you a subtle glow. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while trying a no-makeup look.

Less is More:

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First & foremost, remember that your ultimate aim is to create a natural kind of a look using subtle makeup. You should not look caked-up at all. Hence it is important to know when to stop!

Try To Look As Natural As Possible:

Since this is the focal point of a nude makeup look, you should choose the shades that look natural on you whether it is for your eyes, cheeks or lips.

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Know Your Colors:

Knowing which colors will suit you is important. Choose those shades which complement your skin tone & create a natural overall look.

The CTM Ritual:

Follow the ritual of cleansing, toning & moisturizing your face. Apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin fresh & hydrated.

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Perfect The Primer!

Work with a primer which is designed to perfect skin texture. Make sure that it suits your skin tone as close as possible. This will create a great base for your nude makeup.

Set The Foundation Right!

Apply foundation according to your skin & blend it properly to even out your skin tone.

Conceal The Spots!

Concealing the spots & dark under-eye circles becomes very important when going for a nude makeup look. Also, apply concealer only where it is required for a natural look.

Powder Less!

Make sure that you do not over powder your face. Simply dab a little bit of loose powder to set in your makeup. It should look as if no makeup is worn.

Keep Your Cheeks Low Key:

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A rightly chosen bronzer can add so much dimension to your face. Brush on strategically where the sun naturally falls onto the skin such as the upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose and forehead. Use a blush on the apples of your cheeks which compliments your skin tone. Although powder blushes are usually preferred for the nude look but you may also try cream blush for a dewy look.

Groom Your Brows:

Make sure that your brows are perfectly shaped for this look. Use an eyebrow groomer & eyebrow pencil if required to fill in the brows.

Go Light On Your Eyes:

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Do not go overboard with eye shadows and liners. Use a subtle shimmery neutral shade of eyeshadow like copper or beige, along with a simple stroke of eyeliner. You may also try on some smudged kohl on the waterline.

Flutter Those Lashes!

Add definition to your eyes by using a mascara. A nude makeup look is incomplete without a mascara. Make sure that there is no clumping.

Exfoliate Your Lips:

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Use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips. Your lips need to be in good condition to look their best.

Splash Some Color On Your Lips:

Nude lips are the highlight of any no-makeup look. Use a nude shade of lipstick to add some color to your lips. You may also go for a clear gloss on top of a lip balm.

Have you tried these tips to rock no-makeup look?

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