Tips To Sculpt The Cheekbones Perfectly


Tips To Sculpt The Cheekbones Perfectly

All of us are not blessed with the perfect cheekbones, but some clever makeup tricks can really add dimension to our facial structure. This is where the art of sculpting comes into picture! It helps you define the shape of your face and gives you an overall polished look. It adds subtle definition to your face without looking made up.

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What Is Sculpting?

It uses highlighting and contouring techniques to add definition to your facial features. It is a method of creating beauty through illusion. Contouring & highlighting go hand-in-hand. Contouring involves the use of darker shades to create shadows while highlighting uses lighter shades to illuminate.


How To Get Perfectly Sculpted Cheekbones

Facial Mapping:

The first & foremost step to get the perfect cheekbones is to study your facial structure. Gently feel your face using your finger tips & get to know which areas are shadow zones & light zones. This will help you in deciding where to contour & highlight. In addition, you should also keep your face shape in mind whether it is square, oval or round.

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Prep You Face:

Priming your face is also important to set the base properly. Cleanse your face & moisturize well. Make sure you only start contouring when your skin is dry & has soaked in all the moisturizer else you may end up looking muddy & unnatural.

Using the best skin products


Now comes the major step of contouring! Choose a shade darker than your natural skin tone to contour. It will add warmth to your face & sharpen your features. Apply your bronzer where the shadow would naturally fall, such as the temples, the hollow area below the cheekbone, the sides of the nose & the jawline. Use a fan brush to sweep along the hollows of your cheeks. You may also blend it using your fingers to get a natural sun-kissed look.



Apply a highlighter where you want to draw attention to. It helps you to soften your features as well. Sweep it above the cheekbone, along the brow bone and down the center of your nose & dab some onto your cupid’s bow as well. Now blend well to create an even & polished look.


Finally, add a hint of color to the apple of your cheeks with a blush. This will add a soft touch & bit of freshness to your face.

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Points To Remember

  • Less Is More: Always start off with a little amount of product & then build up gradually. Applying too much contour will make you look unnatural.
  • Choosing The Correct Product: Choose the right product depending upon your skin tone so that it does not look too dark for you. Also, decide whether to pick matte shades or shimmer ones.
  • The Right Technique: The aim is to subtly transform your face without looking obvious. An effective technique is important to sculpt your cheekbones.


  • Blend Well: Blend the products well so that there are no harsh lines. You may also use some translucent powder if need be.
  • Brushes Matter: Choose the right brush to have more precision. Pick contouring brush, highlighting brush & fan brush for that perfect sculpted look!


Have you tried these tips to get the perfect cheekbones?

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