Tips To Style Semi-Wet Hair In A Hurry


Tips To Style Semi-Wet Hair In A Hurry

Hey girls! With all the hustle bustle that goes around on a busy morning, it is quite common that you have no time in hand to dry your hair. Well, not to worry! Today we take a look at some hairdos for damp hair which are easy to do & do not consume much time. Keep on reading!

High Ponytail:

This is a very basic & simple hairdo which works well for damp hair. Simply pull back your hair into a high ponytail & secure with a band. This will help your damp hair to dry out naturally & it looks pretty too!


Braided Headband:

A braided headband looks very cute & is easy to style. It instantly steps up your hair game! Take a small section of your hair from right behind your ear & style them into a braid. Now, place this across your head & secure with bobby pins at the end of the other ear. If your hair are not long enough to be style into a single braid, then you can also make two separate braids at both sides of the head & pin them together in the form of a hairband at the top. Let the rest of the hair loose & you are done! 

The Wet Hair Look:

The wet hair look is becoming very popular nowadays. It is convenient to style & looks super chic! Simply slick back your damp hair back combing lightly or even using your fingers. Spray on some mousse to keep the hair in place & preserve that sleek and wet feel. This hairstyle looks good on both short as well as long hair.

Messy Chignon:

A chignon looks gorgeous & very feminine. A messy chignon is an apt hairdo for damp hair. Simply twist & pin the hair into a messy chignon bun at the nape of your neck. This way your hair will be loose enough to dry out naturally & this undone look does not take up much time as well.


Half Up Half Down:

This is another easy-to-do hairstyle for damp hair. Divide your hair into two parts. You can tie the above part into a ponytail, a loose bun or simply secure with a small clutcher. Let the remaining hair loose open & you are good to go!


Sleek Low Bun:

This sleek low bun works best on damp hair & looks very classy. Simply comb your hair back into a low ponytail & twist it & wrap around to form a low bun. Make sure that the ends of your hair are tucked well in place with bobby pins. You may also run your hands over the comb marks to flatten them out.


Have you tried any of these hairdos on a busy morning?

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