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Article by Smriti

Hi everyone,

I’m a complete makeup junkie and love to do it daily and for every occasion. Although I’m not good at writing, still when I read reader articles on WiseShe, I feel Makeup is a really amazing thing as it can enhance your natural beauty, hide your blemishes and flaws, and also, often magically show up what what you don’t even have! A concealer is quite an effective makeup tool and can make you look very attractive if used properly. However, amateurish use of concealer shows up badly.

5 best concealer tips

So, here are some of the best tips to properly use your concealer-

  • For spots and blemishes: Apply a small dab of concealer on top of the spot and then gently blend at its outer edges.
  • For dark circles below the eyes: Use a little eye cream along with the concealer to avoid that garish goose-flesh look. Those of you who’ve tried applying concealer to your inner eyes will know what I’m talking about. When you apply the concealer with the eyecream, it moisturizes the delicate under-eye area and also allows the concealer to go on much more smoothly, give more coverage than foundation, and sufficiently brighten the dark under-eyes.
  • For open sores: If you want to use a concealer to hide open sores, you’ll also need to apply a little powder, followed by a dab of concealer. After this, blend the edges and carefully apply the powder again so as to let the concealer stay in place. Make sure to clean your makeup asap after you’re done (say after your appointment/event) and then apply some mild antibiotic cream or ointment to help in quicker healing of the sore.
  • Tools for using and applying a concealer: Use a thin, flat, short-bristled brush (probably an eyeliner/lip-liner) for applying a concealer. You also have specific brushes for applying a concealer in market but just another cosmetic brush can also be used equally well. However, you should ensure that the brush has very small bristles so that it doesn’t soak up your concealer completely.
  • Picking the right color: Choose a concealer which is slightly lighter than your original skin tone. There may be a few exceptions, for example say if you have purple dark circles under your eyes, a yellow colored concealer might be appropriate. However, mostly you should use a concealer which’s close to your skin tone.
  • Using concealer for highlighting: Mix a little bit of moisturizer with your concealer and apply it to areas like inside and under your eyes, frown lines and outside corners of your nose with a brush. Blend it gently with a short bristled brush or your little finger.

Apply foundation and dust with powder to give the finishing touch. Leave the eye area so as not to disturb what you’ve applied. After this, you can readily apply your color cosmetics. Also, please note that a good skin is essential for makeup to look effective. So make sure to follow a good skin care routine as well so that all the above tips help you much more.


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  1. By God’s grace, i don’t have dark circles, so i really don’t need a concealer! 😀 😀 😀 only i hv few pimple left over spots which i hide with foundations…but Smriti, the tips to blend the concealer was really helpful… :yes:

  2. Same pinch Prerna even I don’t use concealer but these tips will be handy for us once we start using it :silly:

  3. really gr8 tips yaar………………………but i also afraid of the same thing that if i don’t use conceler correctly then it gives vry bad effect……………………….. ?:-) ?:-)


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