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The mention of Tips & Toes, I’m immediately transported to a time when I was a tiny tot and would ogle my moms Tips & Toes nail polishes. I would bug her repeatedly till she consented to apply the then popular dark maroon shade to my toe nails (only toe nails since we were not allowed to show up at school with painted nails). So when I saw that they had launched a make-up line as well, I was quite surprised…and pleasantly so! They have come out with a wide array of lipsticks, nail paints, liners and blushes. While I liked the nail paints and the liners, the blush was a complete and utter disappointment!

tips and toes blush stick pinker review+tips and toes

About Tips & Toes Blush Stick in Pinker:

  • TIPS & TOES Blush Stick smoothes and blends easily to provide a sheer wash of natural-looking color. Soft cream color glides on with just a single stroke, giving a soft natural, long lasting color on your cheeks.
  • Open the Blush Stick and gently stroke/dot the cream color onto your cheeks/cheekbone.
  • Open the sponge applicator back side & gently blend the color to give a smooth even highlight to your cheeks.


  • tips and toes blush stick pinker review+tips and toes blush
  • Price:  INR155
  • Quantity: 4.8gms


My take on Tips & Toes Blush Stick in Pinker:

  • Packaging: This blush as obvious, comes in a stick form which can be wound up. The lid is made of a fragile plastic(mine has already cracked) with a tiny sponge at the top to blend. The sponge is quite nice and blend out the blush well which was a surprise for me. But what use is a good sponge if the product itself sucks right?tips n toes pinker+ blush review
  • Color: This blush is a strong blue-based baby pink blush without any shimmer at all.
  • Pigmentation & Texture: This is where the blush fails miserably. When I opened the lid of the blush, the blush stick just fell into my lap! I was a bit put of but then shrugged it off and fixed this back in. The biggest shock was the texture. It is so horribly waxy! It smells waxy too and felt like I’d applied a melted crayon on my face 🙁 Suffice to say this blush broke me out.

tips n toes pinker + pink blush

I am really disappointed in this brand and the product…After the liners (they even have a nice gel liner) I expected this to be quite good but it failed miserably. The formula is so thick and waxy which is NOT how cream blushes are supposed to be. Even after blending it had this greasy, waxy look to I and felt kinda heavy on my face. I still wore it for an hour and then my skin started feeling all itchy…So I washed it off only to find that it had broken me out!

tips and toes blush stick review+tips and toes pinker swatch

Part of me can’t believe how crappy this has turned out. And then on the other hand I keep thinking that since all the other products seem to be good, maybe I got an old piece…to which my alter ego again argues that these have just been released and are relatively new…Considering that this would have had ATLEAST 12mts to live, this should have still worked for me.

tips and toes blush stick review+tips and toes blush stick

Have any of you tried this? Did you have the same kind of experience?tips and toes blush stick review+tips and toes blush in pinker


Pros of Tips & Toes Blush Stick in Pinker:

  • Nothing except that the sponge is nice. Otherwise I’m not even mentioning the prices factor because regardless of the fact that this is cheap, it doesn’t justify the bad quality.


Cons of Tips & Toes Blush Stick in Pinker:

  • Waxy texture
  • Broke me out…even though I have dry cheeks…so this would DEFINITELY not suit oilies.
  • Gives a greasy/ waxy look to the face
  • Heavy formula
  • Fragile packaging. I wouldn’t mind shelling out a bit more but the packaging has to be sturdy even if its not super attractive


I don’t want to rate this because I honestly have no rating to give..Its an absolute flop for me…


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  1. awww..broke u out??..thats bad.. :pissedoff: ..i hope ur skin recovers soon..I hate it wen sum makeup or skincare product breaks me out..feel like sueing the brand or blow the company off..

  2. Hey! I’ve used this, but it was a pretty average product. The pigmentation was good and it never broke me out. Mine didn’t have any fragrance or wax smell either!
    Umm did you get a bad piece or something!?


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