Tips & Toes Dual Blush Autumn Review & Swatches


Tips & Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN

This blush is my first ever purchase from Tips & Toes. I was never tempted with this brand but picked this blush just for a trial of its quality.


Tips &Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN Review +blush reviews


  • Price: Rs. 295
  • Net Wt.: 4.5 g
  • Shelf Life: 3 years


Tips &Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN Review Details+powder blush


  • Packaging: - The blush comes in a silver plastic cover that is so mirror-like that you can actually see your face clearly in it. It is almost identical to a mirror. It has three compartments- two for the blushes and one to keep the applicator/brush. The flap top has a mirror in it. The blush brush is very tiny and super cute. But it is coarse, not quite usable.


Tips &Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN Review brush+how to apply blusher


  • Shades:One of the two shades is a pretty muted coral color with very fine silver sparkles in it. The second color is a soft peach color that also contains fine silver shimmers in it. The later turns out even lighter when swatched on skin making it highlighting shade.


Tips &Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN Review case+blush compact


  • Pigmentation: - Both the shades are quite finely pigmented but the coral one shows more due to its color’s intensity whereas the lighter one is almost pale with loads of sparkles in it. They are very smooth, above my expectations.


Tips &Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN Review product in case+blush powder


Staying Power: - The blush required reapplication after 3 hours which I did not do and rather applied my other blush. This blush fades easily and when I tried to layer and build it over, the color did not really develop much whereas the shimmers kept becoming more visible all the more.


Tips And Toes Dual Blush Autumn Swatches:-


Tips &Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN Review hand swatch+blush colour

What I like about Tips & Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN :

  • Packaging is cute.
  • Affordable.
  • Very smooth.


What I do not like about Tips & Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN :

  • Dual Blush? – No, one blush and the other highlighter.
  • Very sparkly.
  • Low staying power.
  • Blush does not build up well.

Will I recommend this blush:

No, there are several other brands available that cost in the same range as this one and are far better in quality.

Rating: 2.5/5


Have you tried Tips & Toes Dual Blush AUTUMN ?


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  1. I have a lip gloss from this brand… u know…I subjected it to all the stress testing…and surprisingly it survived all my stress testing… will share abt it soon.. I bought the gloss for just the sake of trying… I had a lipstick too…but lipstick was one hell thing .. I threw it away.


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