Tips & Toes Sparklers Glittery Green Eyeliner Review


Tips And Toes Sparklers Glittery Green

We all have used tips and toes products every now and then and the company brings back old college days memories when I use to save money to buy those decently priced nail polishes and eyeliners.:) This time Tips and toes has introduced their new sparklers eyeliners recently which comes in a tiny plastic grey bottle and long bright green cap.I checked out their site which looked quite detailed however these eyeliners have not been updated on their site.

Tips and toes sparklers glittery green eyeliner reviews

  •  Price – I am not sure about the price right now of this but I guess it will be under Rs 150 .I will update it as soon as I get to know about it
  • Quantity -3ml
  • Shade – Glittery Green


You can see its a real tiny bottle with3ml of product so while holding or using the eyeliner I feel I have nothing in my hand. It has a felt tip applicator which helps in creating delicate thin and dramatically bold lines without  much of fuzz.It’s a small brush like we have in Elle 18 colorbombs black out liquid  eyeliner but I find this one more easy to use may be because I have better control on its handle.

When I shake the bottle there is this ball sound which is there to maintain the consistency of the eyeliner i believe like we had in Maybelline wonder finish foundation.

Tips and toes sparklers eyeliners beauty blog

 Swatches of Tips and toes sparklers glittery green eyeliner

Green  Colour reminds me of aspragus which I see quite often here in Hyderabad malls 🙂 This shade has golden sparkles in it which are really subtle .I tried catching the gold in the swatches but wasn’t able to .Tips and toes sparklers glittery green eyeliner swatches

but managed to catch them on my eyes:).I have just used one stoke in the pictures below .When it starts fading it leaves the golden green shimmer which looks pretty.Infact I liked the golden green so much that I started waiting for the eyeliner to get dry and myself smudged it to get the shade:P.Do try that if you plan to buy this eyeliner.:)

Tips and toes glittery green sparklers eyeliner on my eyes

  • Staying power – This eyeliner has really good staying power of 7-8 hours easily and its easy to remove this eyeliner.
  • Pigmented – It’s nicely pigmented
  • Availability– If you visit tips and toes website you will find all the stores mentioned out there.


What I liked about Tips and toes sparklers green eyeliner

  • Nicely pigmented
  • It’s not heavy on the eyes and gets removed easily
  • Easy to use applicator
  • Good  staying power
  • It doesn’t flakes

What I did not like about Tips and Toes sparklers glittery green

  • It has this medicinal fragrance which stays for one or two seconds when initially the bottle is opened.


Will I recommend it to others – Yes! If you like the shade then its indeed worth buying .Also, if you afraid of using liquid eyeliners then you can always start with this one.:)

Wise She Rating

  • Overall – 3.5/5
  • Staying power – 4/5
  • Pigmentation -3.5/5
  • Packaging – 3.5/5

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 Product sent by brand for consideration but it has not affected my review.Our priority will always be you 🙂


      • I’m currently using nyx la liquid liner that comes in a felt pen style no woh wala and that’s really dark n nice..b4 that I was usig lakme ka eye artist pen and 9 to 5 liner..after nyx ill try gettin inglot =) wat say u di? maybelline gel, mac ya inglot lun?

        • i havent tried inglot sukanya..but i do like maybelline gel eyeliner and in mac why go for black try some nice fluidline ..they have awesome shades:

  1. Upsi..shame shame puppy shame…you knpw Rihana and Kristen…you dont know APNA Tips n Toes !!!! waise only aunties like me and Anu will know it, its form our era..not kids like you 😛

  2. ya its a new eyeliner range of tips & toes……. its very much glittering………. my shade is emerald glow… this is a light green shade….

  3. hello all..yes these sparklers are amazing colored liners, the sales adviser also showed me Eye light which is like sparklers and has amazing colors there dark blue is just too good for my wheatish skin and regular work day and its only for 250 bucks 😉 😛 must try hehe


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