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Hello beautiful people,

Today my first morning post is not on beauty, fitness or food because after reading the morning newspaper I got really upset.

 On the first page of Time of India of Hyderabad there was a news of some unknown blogger who disgraced a 17 year old rape victim of class X1 of Parkwood School and her family too.

This girl has leveled charges of rape against the school Director. Blogger has posted her pictures on the blog and also raised question about her relationship with other male students of the school. The person has also rubbished her statement made in connection with the case.

He or she has even posted her real picture from her profile by taking it from  a social networking site. It even says that the girl blatantly lied about the abortion. Though the blogger claims that disgraced principal has majority of the student on his side too.

 This thing can be done by the school also to save guard the principal by ruining the reputation of the girl or it can be done by some friend who seriously hates the girl.

But this shocking incident is surely going to upset some of the bloggers or those who post their real pictures on social networking sites. Though a blogger can be traced by his IP address but then what about the mental trauma which one goes through by these kinds of incidents.

A girl who is just 17  How she must be dealing with this episode. If the girl is a real rape victim(which I believe she must be otherwise why she will choose her principal ).This thing can totally ruin her carrier. No college might be interested in taking her and now when she her name and pic is available in open.

When I initially started my blog I was never interested in posting my pics but as many post were written on beauty and make up I had to do it someday. Also, there are many blogger who have been maintaining a beauty blog since years and I think they have not come across any incident like this otherwise they would have immediately removed away their pic.

 But the question is how safe are we?

Nowadays when we are in a mall someone can easily click our pic and post it anywhere.

 Two months back one of my friend was waiting for me in Great India Place mall Noida. She was near the lift when 3-4 guys came along. Initially they started clicking their own pics but after few minutes my friend noticed that they were taking her pics as well.

 She complained to the security but he didn’t pay heed to it and then she cald me and her husband. Her husband was lenient about it and so was I. She too then thought that it is idiotic to worry so much about this incident and we went shopping happily.

Now after reading this incident I feel that we should have taken the matter seriously

What do you think should be done? Shall we remove away all the pics from our blogs and always be cautious about people not clicking us or simply let it go?


  1. I think we should be more cautious in using our pictures on the internet. We never know what goes in the mind of people visiting our sites and people like such are quite edept in hiding their identities and their access points.:(

  2. oh this is so so bad.i mean i put up my pictures but this incident makes me wonder that definitely my pictures can be misused..and even FB is not is really about respecting people's should not be used improperly…but i guess this is a pitfall that comes with excessive social networking..but this would definitely be in my mind next time i would put up my pic..And, no worries about missing the posts..whenever i would not see you around i would poke you right back :)..after all this is what friends do, right?

  3. ohh yaa sovina…i don know why this is happening but i do miss out some of my favorite blogger post..Also we all girls should help each other if we find our pics have been misused some where ..

  4. Oh..That was quite a scary incident Anamika. As such I am quite sceptical about posting pic in blogs as there you don't and you can't have a control on whos watching or reading you. Especially in a country like India, where there is absolutely no Cyber security or any security for that matter. And moreover even if a crime occurs, our great system is such that the victim is victimised again…as if they caused it to happen. This is more for cases such as a rape. Otherwise tell me..In which other place than India, would you find a b****y rapist being punished after 15-20 years and the victim being dead..And that too a mere jail sentence..DisgustingSorry for the long comment..I just spoke my mind out. But somehow feel that we women should be a little more discriminative and sensible while using photographs etc on a public forum or website. Atleast till the time there is some radical change in our society or else be brave to face whatever happens and also fight back with immense courage.

  5. By the way..this is something from the heart post so I am sure we all will like to write long no worries:D

  6. What happened is so sad! I am feeling very bad for the girl.. I hope justice is delivered to her soon. As far as pics online are concerned, I really feel that one should stay within your comfort zone. Don't do something just because others are doing it, if you are not totally comfortable with it.

  7. I am not aware about the girl and blog link was not given in the newspaper..and i m glad it was not given otherwise it could have ruined more of her reputation:)

  8. ya.. I also read this thing in TOI. Thats so sad. Incidents like this are really shameful and inhuman. This lead us to thrice before trusting anyone virtual infatuation. I know guys use misuse girls' pics very often, read this so many time.

  9. omg!!! So scary.I too have posted my pics earlier when i joined fb and orkut(yeah both).Many people commented on them like you are so gorgeous,cute very beautiful etc. N most of them were males!i didnt knw them in my real life about how they are,some of them even dared to say infrnt of me that they hav saved my pics!I am very scared wat wud they doing with ma pics.I must not hav done this,but i was very small at that time!

  10. kab tak ye chalti rahegi??? government ko humari security dene me aur kitni waqt lagegi?? mard aurat ko kabse ijjat dene sikhegi???. these 3 are my first questions…………..

  11. I never use my pics anywhere mainly because it will affect my career. But still, this incident shows how useless Indians are in taking control of a situation.


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