Toe Nail Art DIY & Smokey Eye Look Tutorial


Toe Nail Art DIY and Smokey Eye Look Tutorial

Nail arts have always been an attraction for everyone off lately but sometimes the heavy saloon charges make us sit back and drop the idea of getting nail art done. With this post, I know you will collect all your aspirations back and get nail art done and that too by yourself. Sitting at home and beautifying your nails with no hefty charges to be paid is such a relaxing idea in itself.

Finger nail art has been so common so today I shall do a Toe Nail Art DIY …. Whoooaaa I guess this has already excited you much. So without much ado let me straight away head towards the DIY.


Simple Toe Nail Art With Black Flowers+Flower nail art design +toe nail art designs


Things that you will need:

  • A top coat,
  • two different colours of nail paints (try to get those colours that contrast well) and
  • toothpicks (you can also use a ball pen or some thin stem).

Step 1: First and foremost get rid of any old nail paint from your nails and clean them. Make sure you also clean it with nail brushes so as to ensure you don’t have to clean your nails post doing the nail art.

Step 2: Now apply nail paint of the colour that you want to take as a base. In this DIY I shall be using “yellow” coloured nail paint as a base.

Let your nails dry and if the colour is not opaque go for a second coat. Again let it dry so as to avoid any messy look.



Step 3: After the base nail colour has dried take a toothpick and take some of the second nail paint out in a painted plate or anything that is convenient for you. I have used“green” coloured nail paint here.



Step 4: Now dip that toothpick in the nail paint that we took out of the bottle and make any desired pattern. You can get an idea how I did on my toenails from the picture. Let it dry.



Step 5: The last step is to apply a top coat to give a more polished and shinier look.



Ta… da…. We are done. With minimal efforts and no high costs, you have such beautiful nail art done. I hope you all like it 🙂




Now let us head towards a yet another hot trend. “SMOKEY EYES” has been off lately topping the charts and wish lists of every makeup lover. Smokey eye adds so much of oomph to the whole look.

Things that you will need to get the look:

Eye primer, a black coloured eye shadow, a brown Coloured eye shadow, a neutral pink eye shadow, a smudge brush and a flat brush

Here I shall be using:

  • Urban Decay eye primer
  • Revlon Luxurious Smoky Crayon 006 Black Smoke,
  • Revlon Luxurious Smoky Crayon 007 Bronze Smoke,
  • MAC expensive pink.



Step 1: Prime your eyes. Now with the black Smokey crayon line your lash line. Perfection is not required but make sure that you line sticking to the lash line. Line both lower and upper lash line.



Step 2: Now take the smudging brush and blend the lined lash lines. You can also use any black eyeshadow to smudge the crayon. After you are done with the smudging, take a flat brush to make a “V” on the outer corner, as shown in pic 3. I used the black crayon to intensify the “V” part.



Step 3: Now apply the bronze crayon all over the eyelid. If desired you can just smoothen and finish the look.

I went a step further and used MAC Expensive Pink in my crease and blended the colour.



Step 4: This is an extra step only to ensure that the eyes look more beautiful and precise. Fill in your eyebrows with a brown eyeshadow that suits your eyebrows. Apply kajal on your waterline and apply loads of mascara on curled eyelashes.

And here it is done…. See the picture for the final look.


 I hope you all liked this DIY and Tutorial. Show me how you do it 🙂

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