Toe Nail Art – Simple Toe Nail Designs In Yellow :D


3D Nail Art – 3D Nail art pens are not that easy to use as they look like but trying them is so much of fun 😉 .One can explore interesting things with these pen.

I did this tow nail art today.Hubby dear said that now you do mehndi designing on toe nails also 😛 Man don’t know how far we can go when it comes to creativity 😉

Easy Toe Nail ArtI used the dotting tool for the flowers and 3D nail art pens for green design.

Toe Nail Art

I just clicked the pics so they are not that clear…Sorry about that 🙁

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  1. hey anamika ,, lovely designn ,,,,
    will u tell me dt wht types hair style is good for long hair for a party/ marriage..
    i want to do french twist but don’t know how to do. plz guide me.

  2. Nisha..i know how to do french twist.. i will try doing it ifpossible ..otherwise you can check out many you tube videos also..they explain it beautifully.


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