Tomato For Detan & Fenugreek & Yogurt Pack For Hair – DIY


A big hello to all the beautiful  faces 🙂

So Monsoons have finally bestowed their showers here in North!!! But he change in season bought more of difficulties skin break out, limp hair. *cry* *cry*

Yes the month had been like that sweat, sweat and sweat and work, work and work, well I took charge of myself and my burnt skin and limp hair from last week! And that’s how I settled down on writing this post 🙂

Yes all I focussed was on my skin and hair which were badly damaged after such intensive heat and sudden change of climate. People like me with wavy hairs will have limp lifeless hairs lacking shine and steadiness!

So let me tell you how I landed up writing this post-

My hands in this killing heat of Jaipur got burnt, yes literally got burnt, they turned 3 shades darker than my skin tone and more over the cell damage *waaa*.  I simply cannot tell you how sad I was! *waaa*  *cry* *waaa*

Well then I had to do something about my dark arms and limp hairs!!So I jotted down the recipe to take my summery burnt body into those monsoon clothes 🙂 Hope it brings some benefit to you too.

Tomatoes for your Skin-

Tomato De-tans!

  • Boil a small tomato; you will see the peel coming off
  • Take it out, take off the peel


tomato for skin+home made face pack


  • Squeeze out the tomato juice
  • Apply this juice generously on face, neck, hand and feet!


tomato juice for skin+natural face mask


  • Keep it for 10-15min, rinse with cold water

Fenugreek and yoghurt for hairs-

Meethi dana- Yes the meethi (green leafy veggie) that I hate to the core turned out to be a magical potion for my dead hairs! *I hate the smell of Meethi*.   *green*

  • Soak Meethi dana overnight


Soaked fenugreek seeds+at home hair remedies


  • Add 1 spoonfull of youghurt (dahi) and churn it in a grinder


Fenugreek and yoghurt for hair+home made hair


  • Take out the paste and add a small spoon of Vinegar
  • Sieve out the paste, you’ll get thick white liquid/ or you can directly apply the paste on your hairs. Apply the paste generously on the scalp as well as on the tips, keep it for 30min, and wash with a very mild shampoo.


Fenugreek and yoghurt pack for hair+home made hair packs


(While I was making this hair pack I applied this mask without sieving it *headbang*, as the meethi daana seed coats settled in my hairs)

But then after the hair wash, oh my my! I was so pleased with the work and the magic it did to my hair! I wanted to make a whole lot of pack and keep it, but then fermentation and old hair pack made me a bit finicky about it.

Shine, strength, squeaky clean hairs, fresh scalp, dandruff proof- what else do you need now?

The ingredients does all the work and no harm.

You have lustrous hairs, glistening face and arms all you now need is a perfect monsoon dress to jump in and get ready to splash!!!

  • Some more handy tips for the rainy season-
  • *nonono*  to white (transparent) clothing (rains or no rains)
  • Avoid street food
  • Keep your scalp clean, humidity tends to attract dirt
  • Always ensure you hairs are dry after you’ve had a head bath
  • Minimalistic makeup is the charm key
  • Waterproof – waterproof, if you are going to put anything on face all should be waterproof
  • Kohled eyes and tinted lips would bring out the best of you in this monsoon 🙂

Hope my little jotting would have come of some help 🙂 looking forward towards your comments.

Happy Monsoon dearies   😀

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  1. I wil try this on nxt sunday.. I usually use Fenugreek and coconut milk paste. This time i’l try this. Thank u Gowthami 🙂

  2. hey Gowthami….
    fenugreek trick really works great…i tried it….!!!
    can we make paste of tomato & store in bottle for 2-3 days???


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