Tomato: Health benefits and herbal uses


Tomato needs no introduction and is an integral part of everyday meal of most Indians. Be it salads (raw), or vegetable and meat gravy (cooked) or raita, chutney and jams, tomato is omnipresent. In North Indian, South Indian, Chinese or fast food, tomato is there and contributes to the flavor of the dish. Apart from just adding to the taste, tomato is also full of Vitamins, potassium salt and iron. On the record, 100 gm of tomatoes approximately contain 93gm water, 45gm salt, 31gm vitamin C, 20gm calcium, 320 mg vitamin A, 30gm phosphorus, 1.9 gm proteins. It is also a source of chlorine, oxalic acid, magnesium, fat, nicotinic acid, copper and mineral salts etc.

Tomato has a number of health advantages and can prove useful in various situations
  • For anemic, under-nourished persons, tomato is a boon. One glassful of tomato juice in the breakfast with some honey provides energy, strength and vitality. It should form an essential ingredient of diet for all age groups. Its juice also supplements iron deficiency in a pregnant lady and a bed-ridden person
  • If a person is suffering from nausea, mix some lemon juice with tomato and carrot juice and consume. Some people also add juices of beet, peppermint, ginger to further enhance the nutrition value. 
  • Tomato juice is very helpful for a diabetic. Being a reservoir of vitamin C, it can prevent and cure scurvy. It’s also an excellent blood purifier.
  • Some people who cannot take raw tomato juice should take tomato soup with a teaspoon of cream, black salt, corn flakes to it. It’s an excellent appetizer when taken prior to lunch or dinner.
  • For some one suffering from dysentery, half-ripe tomatoes are beneficial. Half ripe tomatoes juice is also an excellent preventive and also a remedy for heat and sun-stroke.

    Note: Tomato juice may create irritation and cough in some persons. If so, add some honey or prefer in form of soup. Also, a person having tendency to stone formation in kidneys, urinary bladder should not consume tomatoes in any form.

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    1. Wow didn't know tomatoes are that good for our health! I love tomatoes, in salad or soup, anything will do, will take advantage of this! Thank you for leaving me a sweet comment!


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