Top eight beauty and make up myths

A myth originates from one person to another and sometimes travels ages. Some of the beauty and make up myths are centuries old and are plain silly. It is not that all myths are absolutely wrong .For example myths like washing your face before going to sleep every night is good for the skin is absolutely true .
Let us check out some popular myths which many of us are following.
1.    Applying cream around the eyes before going to the bed and leaving it will prevent wrinkles is completely wrong. Area around our eyes is very delicate and thin. No cream should be left overnight under the eye area.
2.    Another widely held belief is that if we wear foundation with sunscreen then we are giving our skin adequate protection. This is not the reality. The amount of foundation which most of us apply on our face will give us negligible amount of protection. For ideal protection one should use a moisturizer with a sunscreen lotion.
Women apply moisturizing lotion liberally when compared to foundation which will give better protection. Even if you go out in the sun for long hours reapply moisturizer with sunscreen.
3. People with oily skin should wash their face with soap and water several times a day to avoid acne is not true. Our face have natural protective layer of oil, fat and water to protect it against the unhealthy elements. Soap disturbs the natural acid-alkaline balance of our skin. If you are in a habit cleaning your skin several times a day then use a mild cleanser with a moisturizer instead.
4. Acne and pimples should be scrubbed and washed is completely a myth. Scrubbing too vigorously will increase the oil production and will worsen the condition ultimately.
5. Normal skin does not need routine care is wrong. All skin type’s needs daily care to remove the pollutants and dirt that settle on the skin. It is essential to maintain the beauty of our skin.
6. Sunscreen are not required in winters is completely untrue. One needs to apply sunscreen in the winters too.
7. Using lipstick makes your lips go dark is completely a myth. Quality brand lipstick come packed with stuff that moisturize and keeps your lips from getting dark.
8. Frequent hair cuts will make your hair grow longer is absolutely a myth.Hair cut does not help in growing our hair faster.It helps in getting rid of split end and yes does make our hair healthy too.

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Do you know any myth which is completely untrue?
P.S-All these above mentioned myth were cleared to me by one of the skin specialist who happens to be my cousin friends.


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