Top 10 Beauty Products’ Brands In India


Top 10 Beauty Products’ Brands In India

Hello gorgeous people,

We love makeup…… Don’t we?

Yes we do, we definitely love makeup and this love ours gets us together at wiseshe. We have many brands that offer us various makeup and beauty products, some are not available in India, while some are available.

We at times complain that why XYZ brand’s products are not available India and keep craving for them, but this does not in any way mean that we do not have good makeup and beauty products in India. We have our own favorite beauty products and these do not disappoint us.

Today I shall share Top Ten Beauty Products’ Brands In India. Have a look.

Maybelline New York



There cannot be a better start to our list than Maybelline. This brand is one brand that offers good quality products at reasonable price tags. It has a full range of makeup products that are very affordable. The brand is very popular among college goers. Maybelline recently came up with Maybelline colorshow lipstick range which was quite a hit and its Colossal kohl is something that is going to stay everybody’s favorite.

Loreal Paris



Loreal brings us all the great makeup and not to miss the amazing quality of the products. Loreal products are not very cheap but the superior quality justifies its price. Every product that it launches creates a buzz over night, we take the recent example of the Loreal Color Riche Stars Red Collection, this launch features exquisite red lipsticks which is the recent rage among makeup lovers. Everybody is going gaga about it and so am I. We have many other such amazing products by Loreal that do not fail to impress us.

MAC Cosmetics



MAC…… the name says it all, do I need to say more?
MAC has a huge huge huge, never ending range of makeup products. We love everything that MAC offers and not just we, many other celebrities are a fan of this brand. One who uses MAC for once becomes a MAC loyalist and are then happy to pay high prices.

Bobbi Brown



Around one and a half year ago in July 2013 Bobbi Brown decided to launch itself in India. Bobbi Brown is an American Makeup Artist who runs a line of makeup products with her name. Bobbi Brown is yet to expand its reach but this does not come in way of its popularity. Bobbi Brown offers a variety of makeup products which are of superior quality and so are their price tags, but the hefty prices do full justice to its products and get well along with its popularity.




How can we not have our very own Lakme here? This is one such brand which is very close to every Indian makeup lovers heart, when there were no international brands around it was only Lakme who provided us with good quality makeup and still manages to surprise us with on and off new launches. Its skincare products too are quite a hit.




The year 2014 proved to be quite nice for Revlon too. It launched some fabulous lips and eye makeup products that became very popular. All the more Revlon is a common name on any makeup person’s mind when it comes to makeup.

Colorbar USA


Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip Gloss Swatches

I have been quite a loyalist to this brand. I actually had a whole colorbar kit. Colorbar truly deserves a applause for all its products, be it the cheaply priced Velvet Mattes or the 1k worth Take Me As I Am lippies, all its products are very nice and this is why Colorbar has its own group loyal customers, but the recently hiked prices are a little reason that sometimes annoys me.

Faces Canada



This s another great favorite brand. Be it beauty accessories or makeup, this brand has it all. The wide range of eye makeup and lip makeup is a major attraction of this brand, its base makeup products too do not fail to please us. Recent launch of skincare range is the new buzz and i am really looking forward to those products as well.




This brand is being around since quite a while. It too offers some good products at low price. Just when Streetwear saw itself losing among high end brands, it revamped its packaging and launched new products and was back with a new zeal and look. Anamika too cannot deny how good the products were especially we look at the price tags.

Elle 18



Here we have yet another, our very own brand. We have known Ell 18 since years, as a kid probably the only other brand after Lakme that I knew of was Elle 18. It is college goers favorite brand. It takes care of their needs and at the same time does not become heavy on their pockets.

These were the top ten beauty and makeup product brands in India. These brands have their own loyal customers which keep them popular and bring them to our favorite lists.
We thought of bringing in brands like estee lauder, Clinique, bourjois etc because these offer some really great products but when we talk about brands popular among all of India these brands that I have listed always take a lead.

Which among these are your favorites?

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