Top 10 Best Online Indian Shopping Sites In India (Part 1)



Online shopping India – Best Online Indian Shopping Sites

Well, as most WiseShe-ers know, I’m a online shopping fanatic and have realized that a lot of us may actually prefer online shopping for a lot of reasons like hectic schedules, staying away from the city, lack of the desired outlet/brand in our cities, etc.

So here are a couple of sites I’ve come across. There are plenty more, but a lot of research is required to bring the right info to everyone and as soon as I have the required data on the others, I’ll share the next posts on the same.

Enjoy Girls!! Do let me know if there are any errors. Additionally, please note that the feedback given is solely my opinion and the opinion of people I know. Others may have had different experiences with the same sites.

1. Review

My experience ebay shopping India

Anyone and everyone who knows me remotely well knows how much I shop from Ebay. Its definitely tricky and its extremely easy to be tricked into buying fakes or damaged articles. Infact, I once ordered a lipstick and received only the box without the lipstick tube! Yes! This did happen to me. So, I would suggest that you take the advise of an experienced person. I would also be doing an article on safe shopping on ebay soon to help out..So stay tuned..

  • Types of products/Brand available: Anything and everything from Amway, Avon, Oriflame to MAC, Covergirl, Revlon, etc.
  • Average Delivery time: Upto 1.5 weeks for India based sellers and 2.5 – 3 weeks for foreign sellers. Incase you don’t receive a product you have the option of contacting the seller. The system also requires that the customer confirm once the product is received within the stipulated time. If it is not received, you can click the ‘not received’ tab and the amount will be refunded to you. Incase the item has a defect or is damaged the same can be given in the feedback which automatically reduces the reliability of the seller and this is visible to all buyers.


Online shopping ebay India experience


  • Modes of Payment accepted by Ebay-: Paypal, Debit/ Credit card, Internet Banking
  • Shipping/  Delivery charges:  Depends on the seller. The product may have free shipping as well. Wrt buying products from abroad, the shipping charges are already included in the price.
  •  TIP! If you are new its always safer to buy from seller who have the ‘Power Seller’ status. This denotes the reliability and positive feedback received by the sellers


(2)Brandmile review

My experience with

This is another site I’ve purchased a lot from a couple of times and have always been impressed by their promptness and packaging. I have never received any damaged articles and the customer care keeps calling and updating regarding your order which is a plus point. Its also very easy to track your order online with them.


My experience with Brandmilee India shopping site

  • Types of products/Brand available: Depends on the current sales. They have offers on Clothing, Books, Cosmetics, Household articles, Organizational and storage articles, etc
  • Average Delivery time: They say 2-3 weeks and they stick to their claim. I have never received a parcel later than 3 weeks.
  • Modes of Payment accepted: All major Indian Debit/ Credit/ Cash card, Internet Banking (Indian Bank account), Cash on Delivery
  • Shipping/  Delivery charges: Yes. 100 INR charged for COD purchases
  • ALERT: They provide a 10% discount for card and net banking payments made.


(3) Fashion and you Review


My experience with fashion and you

FnU is one of the most visited sites by a lot of people but I have mixed feeling for this. I have personally never had a problem regarding receiving wrong parcels, but I have faced issues like delayed delivery, repeat delivery of the same order. I now stick to COD mode of payment to avoid any mishaps. But I repeat I have never NOT received any parcel.

  • Types of products/Brand available: Depends on the current sales. They have offers on Clothing, Books, Cosmetics, Household articles, Organizational and storage articles, etc
  • Average Delivery time: They say 2-3 weeks but as mentioned above they don’t always stick to it. The latest I’ve received a parcel of mine was in 1.5 months.
  •  Modes of Payment accepted: Indian & international Debit/ Credit card, Internet Banking, Cash on Delivery

Fashion and you experience

  • Shipping/  Delivery charges:  Yes. 100 INR within India and 1000INR for International Shipping
  •  TIP! Avoid buying electronic items from here since there has been a lot of negative feedback about the condition of the product. Furthermore, these articles cost a lot and its better not to chance it and lose such a large sum.


  (4) Review

My experience with retail

I have already raved sufficiently about the Khadi products available on this portal. Thought their product range is quite limited, they have a respectable amount of products and their customer service is fabulous. Incase of any payment issue or duplication (I faced this issue), they are always ready to help out even after working hours. I have the highest regard for these guys because of their help and politeness while interacting with a customer.

  • Types of products/Brand available: Depends on the current sales. They have offers on Apparel, Mobiles, Cosmetics, Magazines, Books, etc. Some of the Personal care/ Make up brands they sell are Maybelline, Color Essence, NYC, Revlon, Khadi, L’oreal, etc
  •  Average Delivery time: The delivery time is pretty erratic here. If stock is available, you can get your item within 3-4 days and if its out of stock and they have to procure it, it may take upto a month. But the upside is that customer service keeps you updated at all times. So one wouldn’t feel conned.
  •  Modes of Payment accepted: Debit/ Credit card, Internet Banking, Paypal, Bank Deposit, Cheque/DD, Cash on Delivery
  • Shipping/  Delivery charges:  Free


My experience with retail

(5.)    Infibeam Review


My experience with

This site is not very popular simply because of the lack of variety. This is apparent especially in their range of cosmetics. One would hardly find anything special here. But yes, once in a while they have international sales which are amazing. I got my first and only TheBalm Blush from this site. This sale is very rare and is not advertised very well, so one needs to keep a check on it.


My experience with

  • Types of products/Brand available: They have everything from Personal care products, to electronics to purses, etc
  •  Average Delivery time: They say 2-3 weeks but as mentioned above they don’t always stick to it. The latest I’ve received a parcel of mine was in 1.5 months.
  •  Modes of Payment accepted: Indian & international Debit/ Credit card, Internet Banking (Inter’l), Cash on Delivery, Paymate, Cash cards, ATM Deposit, Paypal, Cheque/DD
  •  Shipping/  Delivery charges: Free

I hope all of you have enjoyed this post. I have done the best I could to get the info across and hope it does help in some way.

And finally, this is a comic I got via mail sometime back…Thought everyone would enjoy it.


Online shopping India experience

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            • seriously yaar…as i keep writing, more sites crop up into my mind.. 🙂

              but the only thing is that i cant write bout sites like, cherryculture and all which accept only cards…m gona rely on ur and rashs experiences with that for inputs…

              • and cherry culture both are hit and miss…i didnt expect my courier to reach me but it did and i expected to send me my courier and they didn’t:P..they has some card issue so i let it go and ask ed my refund..

                • ufff….Even i thought Strawberry wud be better…Rash gets alot from there na? so i always had a very high opinion of them… 🙁 🙁 i guess all sites end up working diff for diff locations..

  1. Good Morning 🙂
    I have shopped from everywhere except ebay…. looking forward for you guidance on that 🙂

    Do include Tradus, flipkart, 99lables, gadgetsguru, yebhi, these are really good site, I have ordered so many times and have been most happy with them specially tradus and flipkart 🙂

    • Hey Divs..Anytime u need help with Ebay do leme know..

      I’ll definitely include the sites u mentioned..although I haven’t cjecked out gadget guru, i wud appreciate any inputs from your end..

      I luuuv flipkart too! Infact i ordered 4books from them last week and i received all within the week..m super happy!

      • Flipkart is awesome, I order so much that even the delivery boy knows me 😛
        they have 24 hour service, they even gift pack and what not… aweeeesome 🙂

        and Tradus is also real fast, I have ordered some 4-5 times, if they don’t ship in 5 days they give money back.. nice na 🙂

        Will mail you gadget guru review 🙂

        • alright 🙂 hey i never heard of a online shopping website which even return the money if not delivered with in 5 days ..thats awesome man !!!

          • Haan..they have a gr8 service…my Bro had once ordered a book which they dint have…but they did have the same title under another publication which cost more…but even then they called informed him and sent the more pricier one apologizing for their error.. 🙂

  2. great post zara……..but the first time i’ll shop online wud be wen i’ll make u sit besides me and do all the things fr me on computer…..ek baar tere saath shopping kar lungi to himmat a jaegi online shopping ki….

    • Aww…i do wish we stayed close by so I cud come over and help u…But its really quite easy…y not try something less pricey..costing like 100 or 150 bucks…then once u know how it works, u can start getting other stuff as well..

      • haan ye sahi hai……tum dono ka idea to mast hai…..
        and asking my hubby fr help in online shopping……hahhahaha…..he will say rehne de….mall shopping kam thi kya jo online shopping bhi shuru kar di….. 😀

        • haha! try it urself dear..u kno, the very first thing i bought from EBAY was a mesh laundry bag for about 60bucks… thats wot i started from..

  3. i shooped on fashion and you and retailmart… on retailart i received my first order within 2 days 😐 😐 :snicker: .. but now waiting for another one from 1.5 week. 😕 😕 :wilt: :wilt:

    • Hi Nisha!

      Same thing happened to me too with retailmart..but i got all the things ultimately…and they were sweet enough to keep in contact i dint hav any issues 🙂

    • No worries…I’ll check out online and tell u asap..I used t use Panasonic and now I have another one with attachments..i think its Philips but not too sure..will tell u…

      btw, do u want the one with only the razor attachment or do u want the proper epilator wala which pulls from the roots?

      • Hey MOkp…hav u tried an epilator from a friend by any chance? coz I have one and my skin is also really sensi to wxing…but the epilator hurts my skin like crazy….my pores redden and pucker up and takes alot of time to heal…if u hav extremely sensi skin this may not be the right option…just check on ur legs…borrow it from a friend and then take a call whether u really wana get it or not..

        • same here.. never in my life i am going to use epilator hurst badly and pain is so much more than waxing but that was year ago..I think and hope there r better epilator now.

          • the new ones only hav an ice holder attachment which isnt too useful either…it just makes the process of removal longer….best is waxing…atleast the pain is momentary and any bruising heals withing 3-4 days…the epilator damage needs more time to heal..

    • Hi Ups…I’ve never shopping on that site since i dont have a CC…but Rashmi has always had rave reviews about them..And do check it out they have awesome offers all the time..

  4. acha ek baat it only me or does it happen to u guys also sometimes….
    u like some thing….say a bodywash….u start using it…..and thgen u see another beauty on a beauty blog…and start itching to buy the new one ….and in that process u either over use the previous product to finish it fats..or even worse…..the half used bottles gets slowly piled up on ur bathroom shelf….

    • DITTTOOO !! Happens with me all the time..i have so many body washes lying in my bathroom ..especially with LUSH products..i will get one and if i like Zara review i will get her product also the previous one stays long with me 😛

    • Hey Doc..That happens to all of us I guess…Even i dont have the restraint t wait for a bottle to get over b4 buying something new which ive seen reviewed..sometimes our minds knows no logic.. 🙂

  5. Hey really nice post 😎 ..with people being conservative in india about using CC. Its really nice that some sites have now come up with COD. Waiting to read part 2 and 3. also chk out they claim to be india’s equivalent to amazon. Though i havent really bought from them, they have items available in india when ebay sellers dont ship to india. Let me know how you find it.

    • Hi Kejal..Yep…COD is a boon…

      I desperately wana try 20north, but i guess they dont have the COD option nor the net payment method…and as the case with me, i dont use CC for online transactions…hav u tried it?

      • Hi Zara,
        I have tried cc on ebay once or twice, but am not very comfortable with it. Have’nt yet tried I searched them for some nail art items but found them expensive compared to ebay or other indian sites. you know sometimes its so irritating that just becoz these sellers sell to india they charge like crazy. I have half a mind to start my own ebay shop for nail art!!

        • I have made loooaaads of purchases thru Ebay and m very comfy with them now that i kno how and from whom t purchase..but yes, i always have a prob with sites which hav only CC or DC mode of payment..i can never use those sites…so i usualy depend on friends for such purchases 🙂

          • Ohh cool!..then if you can spare some time request you to add a few ebay sellers who ship to india. and a few reliable indian sellers? it would really make is very easy for us to try out new sellers. Of course no pressure on you if they dont live up to expectations!! 😛

  6. Awesome Post Zara! :yes:

    I’m gonna bookmark this. I am very reluctant to shop on sites that don’t have COD.. I somehow prefer paying when I have the prdt in hand, don’t have the time to follow up like crazy with these sites..

    I shop a lot on flipkart – but only for books 🙂

    I’m gonna BM this.. amazing, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanx Tans!! If u like this ul love the next 2 parts coming up 😉 😉

      I started using COd only recently and only with certain sites m unsure of like FnU…With others i always use net banking..I haven’t had a bad incident till now touchwood.. 🙂 🙂

      i loooove Flipkart..I also buy only books from them..m not very confident bout buying somethin as pricey as emectronics online..thats something i need to touch and get a feel of b4 purchasing..

  7. Good post zara !! i was waiting for something like this. i tried ebay,infibeam,fashion and you,yebhi,bindaasbargain,,rickysnyc and flipkart. Good experience except fashion and u. they refused to take a unstiched kurti as return. they said -you made a decision by saw the colors. i was willing to bear shipping and buy something in exchange. never asked a refund. they refused :-(( i didnt understand the logic though. online sale implies a return is always possible. who would buy if they refuse to take return ? yebhi is hassle free. infibeam stuff comes very next day. i hate COD option. its always easier for my mum to recieve courier if she doesnt have to pay 😀 . waiting waiting for part 2.

    • Thanks for the kind words Reddy…I’ve never tried is it? and wot do u get there???

      FnU does hav its negative points…thats y i only order their stuff thru COD..other sites i order thru net banking..but thanks to the crappy customer service FnU deserves only COD..

      • I bought a tiny cupboard for jewellery. cute little has a center hanger for neck pieces and small drwas for earrings :). i simply loved it. and a manicure set. good customer service :). i think they sell chinese or korean stuff. looked that way. but worth for money spent

    • haanji…iv actually bought more clothing from ebay than cosmetics.. :blush: :blush: so m a li’l confused as to how t present them…but not to worry..m working on an article on ebay shopping explicitly…ill b mentioning the sellers in that 🙂 😉

          • y not? btw…where were u full afternoon? bahar thi kya?

            and hey…99labels has a clearance sale on some cosmetic…H20, Lord n Berry, Deborah…check it out..

            • yes yes i saw the mail ..haan i was out shopping..i think this is my final Delhi shopping .I am now literally broke.

              • haha! Too gud…its such a feel gud feeling when u shop na? i am dying t get MAC blushes…but the store is so far..i hav t travel almost an hour t get there and then i dont get anything to come back.. 🙁


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