Top 10 Best Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide


Top 10 Best Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, as already you must have read in my last post, is a very useful household chemical that has more utility than one could imagine it to have. Once you know it, as you would do now, you would definitely be using it to almost all daily routine activities of yours. But yes, since it is a chemical, it definitely has its own set of precautions attached. It should not be kept in reach of children; it should not be used near eyebrows and hair as it can bleach your hair. Also, it should be used away from eyes, if this happens, one should immediately rinse with water and see a doctor if irritation persists.

Hydrogen peroxide uses india
Let’s now see the uses we can put this chemical to and make our lives easier.

1. As a disinfectant

Yes! This chemical is being used as a disinfectant to treat small wounds that keep on happening every day. Please be sure not to use it for some road accident or bigger wounds as it might not be very capable of treating such wounds.

2. As a bleaching agent

As already mentioned, it is very good bleaching agent. This can be used for lightening hair. It can also be used to get the known sun bleached hair which is the highlights we get done. Though I am not too sure about it being used at home for this purpose by someone amateur. Always ensure to be in touch with some expert to do this.

3. For tooth care

Yes! If mixed with baking soda, this can be used as a tooth paste and it actually can show you whitened teeth within minutes of use in your reflection. Believe it or not but it is a cleansing agent and is part of most tooth pastes.

white teeth how to get

4. As a mouth disinfectant

You can use it as a mouth disinfectant to rinse off the impurities from mouth. One should use a cap full of it for the same.

5. For disinfecting toothbrushes

Experts also advice it to use as a solution to disinfect tooth brushes. Sometimes it so happens that we have not used our tooth brushes for long, one could disinfect the tooth brushes before using them.

6. For Whitening Nails

You can also use it to whiten your nails and impart shine to them. Soak your nails into the solution and see the difference.

whiten nails

7. For cleaning ear

This solution can also be used to clean ear wax without pain which otherwise is a painful exercise. For this, you need to put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into your ears. After a few minutes follow with olive oil drops and then remove all the liquid from your ear. This would pull the ear wax along.

8. For curing Acne/Blackheads

as already shared before, this is very effective on controlling skin acne and blackheads. You could apply it with care on your skin to prevent contact with eyes and eyebrows.

9. For treating boils and breakouts

If you are suffering from boils and breakouts, you could pour almost half a bottle to warm bathing water and have a shower with it. It will heal your boils and breakouts effectively.

10. To prevent infections from swimming

It also helps in curing the infection that happens in ears post swimming. You need to mix hydrogen peroxide with vinegar and spray in your ear.

I hope this helps and here is a video where 27 uses of hydrogen peroxide are there!

Which is your favourite Hydrogen peroxide use ? Do let us know in the comment section 🙂

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