Top 10 Celebrity Makeovers Which Are Awesome


Top 10 Celebrity Makeovers Which Are Awesome

Change is the spice of life. Whether it is a new hairdo, catching up with the new trends or updating your wardrobe, change is a must! In fact, our dear celebs have done it all! From skin whitening to drastic weight loss to going under the knife! So, today let us take a look at some such celebrity makeovers witnessed by us over the years which have really made us go Whhhaatttt??? 😉 Keep reading to find out more!

Parineeti Chopra:

We all are aware of Parineeti’s latest weight loss which took everyone by surprise! Moving down from size 38 to 30, she has literally turned from fat to fab! Although she has been on the chubby side since her childhood, Parineeti really put her heart & soul in this amazing transformation. From her diet to rigorous exercise, she left no stone un-turned & the result is in front of us! She is looking amazing now & is not shy of flaunting her sexy figure! 

parineeti chopra

Priyanka Chopra:

Whoa! Can you believe this picture of Piggy Chops which was taken during her Miss World days? Well, she is truly a style diva today with her perfect hourglass figure & her sexy attitude. But Priyanka had gone under the knife with nose job & plastic surgeries. And the result it is clearly visible whether it is her narrow nose or fuller lips.


Deepika Padukone:

Deepika has surely come a very long way! Today, she is the ruling Queen of Bollywood with an absolutely bang on sense of style! Apparently, she had undergone skin whitening treatment to get a fairer complexion. During her initial days in Bollywood, she was seen with heavily bronzed cheeks & shimmery eyes. Over the years, she really stepped up her beauty as well as fashion game & is truly a trendsetter today!



The Bengali beauty has also completely transformed since her earlier days in the industry. Kajol had also undergone skin whitening which is clearly seen in the pictures. In addition, there have been reports of a nose job as well but Kajol has denied all these rumours. She has also lost quite a lot of kilos & is back in shape. She is looking prettier day by day & is confident in what she wears. And of course, the entire nation loves & adores her! J


Shilpa Shetty:

Shilpa Shetty is again an example of drastic transformation over the years. She had undergone nose job as well as Botox injections to completely change her entire look. She has also worked really hard on her hair & skin. Today, she is one of the most stylish ladies in town & looks gorgeous in whatever she wears.


Bhumi Pednekar:

I am pretty sure that many of us could not have believed our eyes when we first saw Bhumi’s pictures after the weight loss. In fact, she looked like a totally different person! She has lost around 30 kilos in a few months. Isn’t that amazing? With all her determination, she went on a strict diet & exercise regime to shed the extra kilos. Well, she is looking extremely gorgeous nowadays & she is truly an inspiration for all of us!


Sonakshi Sinha:

Sonakshi is another great example of going from fat to fit! From a plump teenager to a sexy diva, she sure has come a long way. She went for rigorous exercise whether it was the gym, cardio or Yoga & opted for a well thought out healthy diet. She has also become much more comfortable in her skin & exudes confidence wherever she goes.


Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz also underwent several plastic surgeries to boost her appearance. She went under the knife for nose jobs as well as Botox injections. As a result, she has of course transformed herself completely & looks stunning as ever!


Pamela Anderson:

The Baywatch star is another example of drastic makeover over the years. She has transformed from a simple teenage girl to a sexy goddess. She had undergone plastic surgeries on her lips & breasts. There have been rumors of facial fillers & face lift as well.


Zarine Khan:

We all remember how Zarine Khan looked when she made her debut in Bollywood. She had shed more than 30 kilos to get back into shape. With extensive workouts & strict diet, she successfully lost tons of fat. Today, she looks smoking hot & her recent movie Hate Story 3 is surely a proof to this!


What do you think about these celebrity makeovers?

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