Top 10 Glitter Mehendi Designs


Hello, ladies!

Mehendi is something we all love applying especially when some festival is there knocking at the door. And we ladies have a love relation with glitter. We love applying glitter be it on our face or even our eyelids. Imagine the mixture of the two worlds, yes! I am talking about glitter mehndi. Want some ideas on glitter mehndi designs? Here you go!

Top 10 Glitter Mehendi Designs


Paisley Design: This design is a foot mehendi design which is drawn diagonally. The blue glitter is used to fill in parts of your mehendi designs which look amazing.


Peacock Design: Inspired by the peacock and highlighted by powerful glitters, this mehendi design is so simple yet elegant that you can wear it every day without looking OTT.


Something monumental: Why only flowers? This mehendi design is seriously something different from regular flower designs as this depict a monument and the red and yellow glitter adds a lot of fun.

arabic-mehndi-designs-2013 (1)

Simple: If simple and sweet is your key then this is just the right for you. The mehendi is black and the glitters are green which is just the right amount to make up for your glam dress.


Pink Heart Design: This is the perfect design to opt for your wedding if you are feeling to go for something out of the box. The pink glitter highlights the portion of your mehndi to make it look simply awesome.


Colourful: The blue and green glitter change the whole look of the mehendi design and adds the whole amount of style to the otherwise simple floral design mehendi.


Mermaid Design: The mermaid design mehendi which is done using red mehendi is unique and beautiful. The blue and silver glitter used also adds to the overall beauty.


Heavy Work of Glitter: This design is so full of different colours of glitter – blue, red, green and orange. The original design is done using black mehendi whereas the design is really intricate and adds on to the beautiful festive look which is traditional as well.


Simple yet glitter: This is one of the most simple designs we see which is full of glitter of multi colour. This is so subtle yet adds a hint of glaze to the overall design.



Geometric Prints: This glitter mehndi design has two colours into it – one the regular colour of mehndi and the other is grey to contrast with the actual colour. Thre are small silver glitter and small rhinestones in them that help to highlight the design points.

That’s it, folks! Hope you like the post 🙂



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