Top 10 Karvachauth Gifts For Wife



Top 10 Karvachauth Gifts For Wife

Karva Chauth is the most important and auspicious festival for married woman. Yes it is not just a day of fast but indeed is a huge festival for every woman who fasts for her husband’s well being. It is said that this fast strengthens the bond between husband and wife. Well why not, it is no magic behind it, it is the magical love between the couple that strengthens their bond.

In India while the woman fast for her beloved husband; the husband give gifts to his wife on this day. There are exceptions these days and few men too fast on this day; of course they too deserve a gift in that case.

Giving a present because your wife is fasting is not a bribe. It is just a cute gesture signifying that you also care for her and please her with a gift that she never expected that you will ever give.

Confused about what you should gift your wife!!! Worry not we her at wiseshe understand it very well that men are not very good about thinking over gifts and will give you some present ideas. Of course few men may prove to be exceptions, but here I am talking about majority.

Trust this list, and I bet you can never go wrong since it is all about a women’s most desirable gifts. Have a look:



Beautiful earrings polka

Jewellery is close to every women’s heart but make sure you do not pick a design that is decades old.

Rather pick a stylish mangalsutra with a matching pair of earrings, I hope you know how important a mangalsutra is according to Hindu mythology and no day would be as good as the day of Karvachauth to gift this.

If not mangalsutra you can give a contemporary pair of earrings or a gorgeous solitaire ring. Solitaire can never get you wrong, trust me on this.

Sexy Shoes


shoes coral pairing


You might have noticed that every time your wife goes to mall with you, she stops by a shoe showroom and then just does some window shopping and comes back to you. This entire window shopping scene might have given you a clue about the shoe that she is eyeing to buy but for some reason she is not purchasing it. Surprise her by gifting her that pair of shoe.

Personalized Gift

Give her a personalized cushion, a creative wall clock with her pictures at every number etc; There are numerous ideas for personalized gifts. You can choose any.



bonzers in india


This is another gift that can never get you wrong. We at wiseshe have got many “Must Have” articles you can certainly check them out for help. With makeup I do not mean a single lipstick will do. Come on Mr. Husband, it is after all a Karva Chauth gift and you got to be generous here. Give her full basket laden with good quality makeup.

Please remember this article at the moment when your wife thanks you with warm, tight hug 🙂

Designer Dress

Your wife thinks that you cannot ever get a perfect dress for her and a designer dress is totally out of question. You do not need to feel bad as most women think that way. And it is now high time to surprise her.

Since she is your wife, getting measurements of your wife is no big deal and you can certainly manage it. And now about the stuff to choose. Observe your wife’s wardrobe, this will tell you about her taste, she loves pastels or dark colors, has she got a funky approach or she maintains a elegant taste, she likes well fitted dress or she wants them always to be comfortable.

Remember it is not a gift for you, it is a gift from you for her, so do not buy anything that you would want to see your wife in, of course that will do well for valentines & anniversary.

At this moment, try to go with her choices, you have her measurements, you know her liked fit and you know her taste. So now go ahead and pick a designer dress for her. It can be anything from ethnic to modern.

Stylish Bag




A bag for a woman is like her treasure holder that she carries every where she goes. And nothing can beat the idea of a stylish bag. Women without bags are always incomplete and not even thousands of bags can make her demand for bags satiated.

If there is nothing coming up in your mind, play safe and give her stylish bag.

Luxurious Spa

Your wife does a lot for you. Doesn’t she?

There can be nothing better than the idea of presenting her with a luxurious spa treatment for a whole day.

A full body massage, spa treatments pleases a woman to the chore, she feels pampered, refreshed and of course phenomenally happy from within. I smile that she will have after she returns from the spa will make you fall in love with her all over again.

Thinking about the awesome moment got butterflies flying in my stomach. I am a woman, if only imagination can fly my butterflies than imagine how your wife will feel at that lovely moment.

Propose Her


flower and food in barjaya langkawi resort


Do not think that this is crazy? While I was talking about the “all over again love moment” this idea striked my mind.

Only a woman can understand how does a woman feel after she is proposed, for men it is like “Aahh I said it” but for any women it is always a heartfelt thing. There are few things that money cannot buy but still the happiness after getting is way more than those materialistic gifts.

Plan a date for your wife, propose to her, praise her for all that she has done for you, pour your heart out about how you feel about the lady of your life ‘Your wife’, make her feel that you love her just the way you loved her when she came into your life no matter how many years have passed, every day with her is new.

If you understand the feelings behind all this and go with this idea, mark my words you will notice a teary eye of your wife (all of happiness) and then you will realize how simple a woman is and all she values is feelings that money can never ever buy.

Cook Food For Your Lady Love


Flavoring in food Preparations


Your wife spent so much time cooking good food for you so as to ensure you are always healthy and happy. No matter if she is a housewife or a working woman, the truth is that every woman cooks for her husband, some may cook occasionally.

How about you donning the chef’s hat and cooking food for your wife? Think about the idea of she having food all cooked by you after a whole day of fast. Do not hesitate if you are not a good cook. As I keep saying a loving wife always values feeling over everything, and she will eat even if the chapatti looks like map of India, or the gravy has a burnt taste. And on top of all, this moment will be one amongst her most cherished moments of life. So do not think twice and go ahead make her day special.

Sweets For Your Sweetheart

Hold yourself right there!!!! Do not even get those gulab jamuns packed and please now do not go for Kaju Katlis. I am not telling you to go to Halwai and get those common Indian sweets as a present for your wife.

I am talking about some chocolates, uniquely craved with unique shapes which are very expressive. How about a chocolate Taj Mahal or a chocolate I Love You.

So Mr. Husband, now you have a perfect list of gift ideas that you can give to your beloved wife on the very special day of karvachauth.

Ladies please pour in your suggestions too, if just in case I missed on something which is better than the ideas that I mentioned.

I have given dry fruits, ethnic thali a break here, because in any way she is going to get it for karvachauth.

Do you have more to add to this list of Karvachauth Gifts?

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  1. “Karwa Chauth is a festival to express your selfless love for your spouse.
    And a selfless love like this should be complemented with the best gifts
    Thanks for sharing such good ideas for gifts.”


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