Top 10 Raved Face Care Products For Dry Skin


Top 10 Raved Face Care Products For Dry Skin

The drying season of winters has officially commenced and right from the wardrobe changes a major change in the skincare section is also important. Before the signs of dryness start showing on your face & skin you need to stock up on the winter skincare favorites as well as some of the most raved and sweared by products for the face to tackle the dryness this season!

face care for dry skin

Facial skin is really delicate and instantly starts to stretch as the day & night climate changes. Since their is least humidity around the skin loses its natural softness, it starts look drying and dull which one would definitely not want keeping in mind the various wedding occasions line up in the “Shaadi Season” πŸ˜‰

face care for dry skin

Here are my top ten picks which are across most beauty magazines and have so many women raving about how these products have changed their skin for good! Have a look at the best buys you can make out of these ten products.

Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser-

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Earlier, I thought this is just a fancy face wash and won’t be able to do much for the skin and there might be cheaper options available instead of this one! Well, now I know why so many women absolutely love this delicate skin face wash. It not only cleans the skin thoroughly but also keeps it hydrated enough to not strip the natural sebum. Even if it is extremely cold, you will not feel your face stretchy at all. The skin is super soft and smooth after wash and you cannot resist toughing your own cheeks sometime! πŸ™‚

Just Herbs Lively Clean Honey Exfoliating Gel

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Another one product which I personally used and have also heard so much is this exfoliating gel. It is most of a face wash with minutes granules which instantly give that glowing skin along with nourishment. The honey is known to keep the skin soft. On days, I feel a little unhappy with how much skin looks, I use this gel and Viola! who doesn’t love a fresh glow on the face!

best 10 dry face care products

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening Face Scrub

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If you love how your skin becomes soft & shiny after a facial, then this product is just for you! It smells heavenly and the scrub particles remove the dead cells and impart a beautiful glow to the face.

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear-

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That is the first product I pack whenever I am going for a beach holiday! One product which never failed me is this tan removal cream. Fresh tan or old tan whatever, it removes tanning effectively and you can enjoy your beach getaway without worrying about anything!

best raved products for dry skin

Just Herbs Petalsoft Anti-Tan Rose Face Pack-

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I absolutely vouch by this face pack as it is super easy to use and does a really good job in making the face clearer and tan-free. The face pack can be used directly or even with milk as per your liking!

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Soundarya

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Another miraculous product is this ubtan from the renowned brand of Forest Essentials. The ubtan is use with milk or cream to give an added effect to the face and makes it worth every penny for the heavenly fragrance and great performance on the skin without causing any dryness.

Just Herbs Honey Facial Massage Gel

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Yet another product which is an absolute must have for all the dry skin beauties. This massage gel is more of a nigh time ritual as it works overnight and within a week or regular usage, you can feel how your skin texture has softened!

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raved products for dry skin India

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water-

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I don’t use any astringent or tea- tree toner because it breaks me out every time I try! Well, I mainly use rose water but this rose water was by far my best pick and I just cannot forget to spray it on my face each time I wash my face! The fragrance is sweet and not like the added rose oil smell which sometimes feel too strong in many products.


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It was Wiseshe where I first got to know about Bio-oil and I have never been so happy with any product as this one. I had problematic skin two years back and I simply started using this oil on my face during the entire winter. It has made a lot of difference and I don’t have any spots on the face!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion-

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Last but not the least, I picked this product after Wiseshe Team’s recommendation and this has also been a constant in my winter skincare routine. It removes the dead skin and makes the patchy areas on the face smooth again! It is a little pricey but a tube goes a long time so you will find it quite economical when you start using it.

Well, this was all, I am sure you find these suggestions to be useful enough to try it for yourself and see if they are truly raved products or not!

Have you tried these face care products before?


  1. I love organic products and any antioxidant items. I tried all of them but the Jasmine face cleanser is the best. It is really important to me to find superior quality natural products and i enjoy the texture. Thanks for sharing.


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