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I remember buying a Philips epilator when I was in my 12th standard and after using it twice and undergoing horrible pain I swore that I will never be using them again .I switched to waxing and religiously followed it.I accepted it thinking this is how women deal with the hair .My hair growth is less and this is the reason I still survive with waxing but those who get their body hair back in no time waxing must be a tiring process.For waxing just your hair and legs takes minimum of an hour atleast plus the traveling time which you spend visiting the parlor.If you do it at home then arranging all the stuff involves time.So all in all waxing can never be a pleasant or an interesting experience.It’s a time consuming and painful experience altogether.

why should I epilate

When Zee reviewed the epilator I was quite convinced that I should try it out as she is the one who has sensitive skin and as per her she has low pain threshold.As a good epilators are slightly costlier, I gave myself bit of time before investing in them.Since the time I got it I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Before giving you my reasons let us know what exactly an epilator is –

It’s an electronic device much like an electric razor but razor cuts your hair which results in faster hair growth. Epilator instead pulls you hair out just like a tweezer. So now few of you must be thinking that tweezer hurts therefore this one will hurt too but this one is a machine which is tweezing your hair and not your hand and it tweezes so fast that you don’t even realise when you are done .

Below are the reasons why I love epilator and will never switch back to waxing again.

1) Hardly any pain Reason most of us didn’t believe in epilator was because of the pain factor. When I first used it, it did pain me especially my underarms area  but lesser than waxing.After the third – fourth time there is lesser hair growth and skin gets used to of the feeling.It surprising how the pain reduces to such a big level and after 7-8 use you will use it feeling practically almost no pain.

2) Quick hair removal – How can one keep themselves hair free through waxing all the time .Waxing  once a week is quite a nightmare for me, keeping in mind my busy schedule. With epilator besides me, I am now worried at all. It takes me half an hour -45minutes for whole body hair removal.This is because my hair growth has considerably reduced so with hardly any pain and no comprehensive setup (heating equipment / strips / knife), it quickens up the process.

why to use epilator

3) Hair Removal Of Whole Body – Beside legs and hands one can even epilate underarms and bikini area.New epilators comes with different attachmentss which can remove hair from underams and bikini area and are almost painless.

4) Portable – You can take it anywhere and can epilate while watching T.V or in your bathroom or anywhere where you are comfortable waxing. Initially I will recommend using it after taking bath when the hair growth is softest and its easy for the machine to pluck out the hair. Afterwards one gets used to of it.

5) Reduces Hair Growth – Previously I use to get my undearms done in 10 – 12 days but after using epilator 3-4 times, my hair growth has considerably reduced down and I now do my underarms in about 3 weeks. Compare this with shaving which needs to be done every other day and waxing which is expensive and a task in itself.

6) Cheaper – Epilator lasts for 5-6 years easily and if you do the maths and compare it with the waxing cost, it will cost you much less.

7) Totally hair free – When you are waxing your hair needs to grow to a certain length otherwise strips can not pull that hair out. Epilator can wax off tiniest of hair. Hair as small as 0.5mm can be pulled off with epliator.

8) Ingrown Hair or discoloration– Initially i was worried that I might have to deal with ingrown hair problem but its been more than six months and I haven’t come across any problem like that.Also, when one use waxing strips I have heard that it leads to skin discoloration I am yet to come across any of the problem with epilator.

9)Make Skin smooth – With time your skin will get smoother.You will think how can that be because of the epilator ?This is because when your hair growth reduces because you are removing hair from the root you get finer and softer hair which makes your skin feel softer.

10) No Burning or itching sensation at all

Few Tips While using Epilator :-

1) Keep stretching your skin while using it, it reduces the pain .

2) Your hair growth needs to be short especially the underarms area otherwise it will pain you. You can initially wax or use razor and when there is bit of hair growth start using epilator.

3) If you feel the pain initially then start  with shaver head first and slowly get used to of the epilator.

why epilate


4) Make sure you stretch your underarms skin from the other hand while using it.

5) For minimum pain use after taking bath when the hair are soft.

6)It’s best to buy the epilator with a recharge-able battery. I am talking about this one .I have the electric one which comes with an attached adapter and it keeps coming out when I stretch a bit towards my legs.The one which I have is this.

Have you tried Epilator?Let me know your experience 🙂


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  1. Thanks for this post ana, I was looking for one to buy and was keen about knowing the features!! You explained it well.. pricey one though I will invest soon and I hate waxing… pain pain!! Also I got some discolouration in hands a bit due to waxing!!

  2. Great information Anamika.I still depend on waxing and was thinking to buy epilator ,but was little explained every point very well.Now going to search on online sites.

  3. I had Phillips Silk Epil which lasted for a good long 10 yrs and now have Braun….I do face the ingrowth though but still its way better than waxing. You can go hairless in minutes and tada can hop into a sleeveless anytime:)
    Though i have a query….Have u guys tried Fruit Wax?? I did and well it gives me rashes esp underarms..

  4. I have been using epilators since 1997 :)) have waxed only a couple of times..can count the number of times on my fingers.. i cant live without an epilator! Must have for sure.. totally worth the money spent 🙂

  5. I have the same one too ! But mine is electric wala. It saves a lot of time!! the results are pretty good. If waxing secures 10/10, I will give epilating 9.5/10.

  6. I had used my first Philips epilator when I was traveling to Korea 5 -6 years back but the pain was seriously too much and I gave up….

    The post is absolutely great for all those tips, but I might not switch to epilator soon… I have got used to shaving now.

    • Shaving is something which I can never go for now ….just too happy with this 🙂 But in the end its always ends up with what works best for u.

  7. i used to get rashes with waxing, so I use epilator too, time saving and pretty useful waise mere paas bhi yehi wala epilator he 🙂 i love it, but this one is painful too 🙁 i have thick hair on hands, so i find this one painful, but worth it

  8. Sooo beautifully written n xplained :yes: I swear by epilators. They’re well worth the investment coz they last well more than a decade! My Braun one has been used n abused for like 13 yrs or more but has never ever showed any signs of letting go. Its super-convenient n painless once u get d hang of it but i hate d noise level n wish some company wud do sumthin bout dis

  9. i have thick hair on my hands n legs.. i used to wax but the pain used to be unbearable sometimes.. i switched to shaving a year back.. but i feel my hair growth has thickened.. u think epilator wil help me out? also, since i have been shaving, will it be painful if i use epilator for the first time? i m also scared tht blood may ooze out if i use for the 1st time.. plz help..

  10. I luv epilators ya..I can wax eloquent about them…I had bear likehair n now d re growth had reduced so no iciness of waxing n it’s so quick!!!


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