Top 10 Uses of Marigold – My New Goal This Summer!


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Marigold is an Indian flower that has been used since years both in worship and beauty. This flower is neither exotic nor expensive but surely a treasure for all of you who want to have a bright and beautiful skin. There are many species of Marigold but some of them really help to make skin better as an added advantage. Listing down 10 uses of Marigold flower in skin care.

Top 10 Uses of Marigold flower for skincare:


Tan removal is really easy when you have marigold working for you. This flower has intense tan removal properties that help to reveal the clear and original skin complexion of yours.

  • Removes dark spots


Dark spots is an issue that bothers many of us but including marigold flowers in your daily beauty regime either as a toner or a face pack definitely, helps to reduce dark spots and make skin look brighter and beautiful.

Marigold is one of those natural ingredients that don’t hamper sensitive skin too! Its goodness is so mild and gentle that it can effectively work on sensitive skin to make skin problem free.

Now, this is a debated topic but marigold has skin lightening properties in them which makes skin fairer and brighter. Actually, regular use of the flower in your beauty regime will help to make skin flawless which will give the impression of fairer skin.

  • Have antiseptic properties

Marigold is one of the flowers that has antiseptic properties in them. It cures various skin infections and makes skin firmer and more radiant. It also cures minor skin irritations with its all natural ingredients.

Free Radicals are the main causes for fine lines and wrinkles. It is also one of the causes of Cancer and every element that claims to reduce the impact of free radicals is really effective. Marigold is one such which is why it is so important in skin care.


Rashes are quite common this summer but why fear when marigold is here? Marigold flower has this anti-fungal property that helps to cure and prevent rashes to make skin soft and healthy.

We can use the marigold flower to make face packs which will help to cure many of our skin problems at home. We have also made a post on marigold face packs which you must check out!

  • Heals wounds

Marigold flower has been always used to heal wounds and redness of the skin. It is known to produce collagen at a faster rate, to make the inflow of blood easier on the affected areas as well as to make skin production faster.

  • Lowers inflammation of skin

Skin inflammation is an issue through which we all suffer. Marigold flower because of its active ingredients helps to reduce inflammation of the skin which helps in curing many diseases.

There are some cult products that uses the goodness and theme of Marigold in their products. Listing some of them too!

  • Lancome Juicy Shaker in Apri Cure

Price: 2100 INR

  • Makeup Forever Aqua Cream in Orange

Price: 2300 INR

  • Kiehls’ Calendula Herbal Extract Toner

Price: 2600 INR

  • Maybelline New York Colour Sensational Just Bitten Lip Flush In Summer Sorbet

Price: 500 INR

  • Chanel Coco Gloss in Impulsion

Price: 2500 INR

forest essentials toner

Price: 675 INR

  • Marc Jacobs Highlighter Gel Eye Crayon in Mari

Price: 1680 INR

  • Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Peach Fuzz

Price: 450 INR

skin yoga marigold foot soak envy box july 2016

Price: 1550 INR

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