Top 10 Ways To Wear A Scarf


Top 10 Ways To Wear A Scarf

Hey Everyone! What do you think about scarves? I feel they are a must in today’s trend. Scarves complete so many dresses and make them appear so stylish and in sync with what the Western trends say. I am going to put Top 10 Ways To Wear A Scarf and you could use them easily.

  1. One loop style

one loop style scarf

This one looks good if you are wearing a round neck t-shirt or a spaghetti. You can sport this look formally or informally and look awesome. For this style just drape the scarf once over your neck with both sides dangling on your front, with one end longer than the other. Now make the longer end drape around your neck once. You should now have the dangling ends at almost the same length on your body. Just adjust the middle portion of the scarf on your neck now.

  1. The turtle’s neck

the turtle neck style scarf

This one is another path breaking style as it has captured a lot of attention lately. For this style, you need to again drape the scarf around your neck with one end much longer than the other one, like you do while making a tie knot. Now, drape the longer end three to four times depending on the scarf’s length around your neck. Now, tie the ends of both the ends of the scarf in a neat knot which you need to hide under the loops.

  1. The Infinity style

infinity style scarf

This one is most common these days but looks quite stylish. You need to drape the scarf with both ends on your front. Now at the end of both the corners of the scarf, tie a knot. Again tie a knot to make it even stronger. Now taking the end of this knot forming an O around you, you need to form an 8 while wearing it. Next you need to drape the lower part of this 8 around your neck and dazzle 😀

  1. The European style

european style scarf

This one is the one I like and you must have seen me sporting it quite a few times. This one is quick and really impressive. You need to take your scarf and fold it to half its length. Taking the folded part in your left hand and the two loose ends in your right hand, drape it around your neck. Now from within the folded parts, take the loose ends through and tighten. Voila, you are done!

  1. Scarf Wrap

scarf wrap

This is another style which is not a style really as it is how we drape a shawl or a stole but it looks stylish to be done when you use a scarf.

  1. Knotted at the back

knotted the back hair scarf

This one is a modification to the above wrap style with a difference that you tie the two ends of your scarf at the back and let the rest fall on your body like a scarf or pull back your hair in any style and tie them with a silk scarf.

  1. Under your belt

in your belt scarf

You can tuck your scarf under your belt in the front and create a unique look.

  1. Twisted loop

twisted loop scrf

This one is another great style which can rock your evening for sure. This one needs to be simply done. Drape it on your shoulder and create a simple loop. Now taking one end start engulfing the twists until you reach the end, do it to the other end and then tie the two ends once you reach the front and you are done.

  1. As a turban

turban style scarf

You can actually get a royal feel if you try this as this one is seen as a popular thing among-st the foreigners. I have seen a lot of foreigners don this one. For this wrap it on your head and secure it. Now twist both ends of the scarf and bring it towards the front finally tying the ends into a knot. You should hide the ends under the scarf.

  1. As a head band

headband style scarf

For this, you need to take a satin scarf and fold it to the size of a head band and tie it like the turban as above.

Hope you like these styles as much as I do.

Much Love, xoxo


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