12 Lipsticks for NC 30 Skintone



Alot of us are confused about which lipsticks suit our skintones. I was too at one point and would like to note down which lippies suit me best. My skintone swings between NC 25 – 30 and here I’ve compiled a list of 12 lipsticks I feel suit me best:

MAC Twig Lipstick

Twig is described on the MAC website as a soft muted brownish pink. And I do agree! It’s thankfully not an out n out brown and has the right bit of pink in it which saves it from looking dull and washed out. Price: INR 990



Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Guava

This shade is  described on the site as a bright pink coral and that’s exactly what it is…Amazing na? That a brand actually described a shade accurately?? Makes me think of Faces and NYX where the shade name and description has nothing to do with the actual shade Wink This reminds me a bit of MAC Crosswires although this lippy is much more pigmented and intense than that. Price: INR 1800



Kryolan Lipstick LF198 

This shade is a peachy pink shade. When I first saw it in the tube, it looked more red than pink, but on application I was quite taken in by how pink it is actually…its a beautiful deep pink with a peachy accent lingering on.. Price: INR250



Colorbar Pink Hotmail

The colour is a bright pink ,but not in your face bright. The best part is it is more of a neutral toned lipstick so it wont wash away our yellow Indian skintones.I see it working very well with kohl rimmed eyes ,a light dusting of blush and Pink Hotmail. Perfect Summer work /day look. For the night of course ,you can glam it up with loads of kohl and mascara. Price: INR 450



MAC Lipstick in Craving

This shade is a rich, deep Plum Pink. I usually shy away from Plum shades but this is the perfect ‘IT’ shade for a lot of us regardless of our skin tones.  It doesn’t have any shimmer and yet has a creamy, glossy finish which makes it one of the most sought after lipsticks from MAC. On me, this lippy I feel is the perfect combination of plum and pink…Don’t you think? Price: INR 990




Colorbar Soft Touch lipstick in Amber

Amber is a pinky nude shade with a satin finish. Praise the lord it isn’t matte! But even then, this doesn’t slide or slip. It glides on easily and is infact very moisturizing at the same time. Price: INR 350



MAC See Sheer Lipstick

See Sheer is a light orangey coral. The color is a muted one so it doesn’t look loud at all. The finish ensures it looks glossy but it has no shimmer or glitter.This lipstick is a light to medium coverage lipstick and covers up most of the pigmentation on my lips. The corners of my lips tend to be darker and this lightens it up quite a bit. Pigmentation is amazing and the hand swatch below is just a single swipe! Price: INR 990


MUA Lipstick in Shade #7

The color is a rich deep pink-berry. It’s a creamy finish and has absolutely noshimmer. It’s a full coverage lippie too! Price: 1pound



Inglot Lipstick refill #62

No.62 belongs to pink category. Not exactly a pure virgin pink. There is a little maroon in it. But it will be definitely a choice for all pink lovers. And yes, I am a great fan of pinks too. All types and all versions of pink. Price: INR 300



Kyolan Lipstick in L490

This shade is a peachy pink shade. When I first saw it in the tube, it looked more red than pink, but on application I was quite taken in by how pink it is actually…its a beautiful deep pink with a peachy accent lingering on.. Price: INR 250



MAC Ravishing

MAC describes this shade as a mid-tone neutral peach.. This looks more orange on me though and I detect some micro shimmer in this as well. It gives me full coverage in a single swipe and has a gorgeous sheen which is quite flattering. Price: INR 990



Inglot Gel Lipstick #46 


The lipstick is a lovely red with pink undertones. It doesn’t have any shimmers or glitter. The lipstick is pretty sheer but can be built to be opaque which I think is really gr8 since it gives you the option to choose. I am very conscious while wearing reds. Hence, I prefer to apply just a single swipe and then build on once I get more confident. Pigmentation is fantastic and it doesn’t take must effort to build this. Price: INR 680




Do feel free to add anymore shades you feel would suit..:)

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  1. Wow Zee , I love the MAC ravishing and the see sheer…so pretty. I thought you were NC 20 or so , but you carry them off beautifully.


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