Top 15 Fruits Which Fight Aging


Top 15 Fruits which Fight Aging


At Wise She we are determined to keep you gorgeous and healthy. We give you not only makeup ideas but also suggest home-remedies. We also suggest you super-foods and a lot more. Today we have some yummy fruits in store for you.

Anti-aging means not only a healthy, plump skin but also a fit body. These super-fruits will help you in getting just that-


fruits for anti aging



Yes these are fruits! Tomatoes have a lot of benefits and are considered very effective against some forms of cancer due to lycopene. These are also anti-inflammatory and protect against heart diseases.


tomato for under eyes



Also known as cantaloupe, keep blood diluted and are effective against angina. Cantaloupes also protect skin from swelling, sunburn and also boost immune system.


We all know that these creamy fruits keep skin hydrated. Avocados also lower risk of oral cancer and liver degeneration.


avocado hair care mask



Apricots repair sun-damaged skin and also keep hair healthy. Besides, apricots also prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer and reduce bad cholesterol.


Cherries also reduce bad cholesterol. These also alleviate arthritic pain and reduce inflammation.


Apples make skin soft and help in skin renewal. Due to the presence of antioxidants, apples slow down aging and make skin glow.


apple for skin care



Vitamin C in oranges keep skin radiant and smooth. These fruits also suppress appetite which is great for fitness. Oranges also reduce bad cholesterol and lower the risk of cancer.


orange natural skin care



These berries keep bones healthy by increasing bone density. Blackberries also reduce appetite and speed up the burning of fat.


Vitamin A in mangoes keeps eyes and skin healthy.  These also reduce cholesterol and boost immune system. Mangoes also help in digestion and protect against heart disease.


If you want to get rid of sunburn, eat pomegranates. Your bad cholesterol will also go down and your cells will be protected from damage by free radicals.


pomegranate seeds for skin



These yummy fruits keep heart healthy and speed up fat-burning. Vitamins in bananas keep skin soft and glowing. These also reduce risk of cancer and and decrease asthma problems.


banana skin care



We love strawberries for radiant and nourished skin. But strawberries are also good for protection against cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.


Strawberry natural home remedies



Papaya lightens and brightens skin. This golden fruit also helps in keeping digestive system healthy and burns fat faster.


papaya skin care



This one is for fight against wrinkles and fine lines as it is very rich in vitamin C. Kiwis reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of blood clots.


kiwi skin benefits



Now this is an excuse for feasting on blueberry cheese cake! These tiny berries are loaded with antioxidants. Blueberries contribute towards a healthy collagen structure thereby making skin plump. These prevent brain-degeneration and urinary tract infection.


blue berries skincare


Which is your favorite fruit?

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  1. I looooove fruits !!!!! I can have them all day 🙂 dont like musk melon and pineapple .haven’t tasted kiwis apricot peach though 🙂


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