Top 15 Home remedies using Amla (Indian gooseberry)

  By Ishika,                                             Benefits of Amla
 Medicinal plant amla-Amla or Indian gooseberry or Amalaki (In Sanskrit) (Emblica officinalis) belongs to the family Euphorbiaceous is by far one of the best gifts given to humanity by mother nature. It is perhaps the only herb which is mentioned most often in “Charak Samhita”-ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine literature which dates back to 500 BC. Human beings had identified and have been utilising the benefits of this plant since decades and hence is an indispensable part of Ayurvedic and Unani medicines. Amla or Gooseberry has many nutritious benefits and has been found to be the most abundant source of Vitamin. All of us have seen have seen our grannies using it for making murabba and pickles and all Indian homes will surely have Amla hair oil.

It contains more than 80% of water besides protein, carbohydrates, fibre, minerals and vitamins Minerals and vitamins mainly include calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, Vitamin C and B complex. It also contains gallic acid, which is a potent polyphenol. The fruit of this plant is round shaped with vertical stripes and has a hard seed inside. It is greenish yellow in colour and tastes sour. The fruit is fibrous in nature. The fruit is sometimes eaten along with salt. Amla is rich in natural vitamin C. This fruit is used as the main ingredient in the ayurvedic tonic Chyavanprash.
amla juice benefits
Amla benefits and uses of amla
1. Heart attack home remedies: The amount of unused cholesterol in the body gets collected in the blood vessels, resulting in heart attacks. The Vitamin C in Amla (Gooseberry) helps in dilating the blood vessels and thereby reducing the blood pressure.
2. Natural remedies for diabetes: With more and more people getting prone to diabetes, mainly due to the adoption of western food habits aerated beverages, tobacco and alcohol, amla comes as a saviour. Prepare a mixture by mixing equal quantities of Amla (Gooseberry), Jamun(dried seeds) and bitter gourd powder. A teaspoonful of this mixture once or twice a day is effective in checking diabetes.
3. Acidity: All of us keep a stock of antacids in our home as acidity is very common problem occurring due to frequent intake of sweet, sour and spicy and oily food, excessive coffee, tea and smoking. Acidity can occur due to psychological reasons like – anger, grief and depression as well. Simply taking one gramme of Amla (Gooseberry) powder with a little sugar in milk or water twice a day helps in curing acidity.
4.Natural vision improvement
a)Improving eyesight-Taking amla in the morning or 1tsp of amla powder night improves eyesight. Washing eyes with Amla water (Soak Amla in water at night and strain it) in the morning keeps eyes fresh and sparkling and also improves eye – sight.
b) Burning eyes– Most of us have experience irritation and burning sensation in eyes when coming from outside which is mainly due to constant exposure of eyes to dirt and pollution. Washing the eyes with ground Amla and Til powder water (Soak Amla and Til powder in water overnight and strain it ) in the morning helps.
c) Taking Amla powder with milk cures ailment powder cures the ailment of the eyes like sight loss or cataract.
5. Migraine: Migraine problem troubles a lot of us especially in summers. Applying a paste of juice of 2or 3 Amla or its pulp mixed with little rose water and 3 0r 4 pieces of Kesar in it for 15 minutes gives a lot of relief migraine.
6. Night discharge: Taking Amla water (soak dried Amla powder in 1:3 proportion in water for 12 hours, strain the water and mix 1 gm. haldi powder) regularly helps in curing night discharge problem. You can also take 10 gm. fresh Amla juice with 1gm. powdered Haldi and honey morning and evening regularly.
7. Amla for hair Amla comes as a saviour in many problems related to hair. a) I remember my mother using a mix of amla, reetha, shikakai which she used to soak in iron kadhai overnight and use it for washing our hair. She was totally against using shampoo. It does cause a little irritation in the eyes if the liquid goes in but trust me does wonders to your hair making then healthy and strong.
b) Washing the head with Amla juice mixed with water after rubbing the scalp for 10-15 minutes. with fresh Amla juice helps in restoring the vitality of the hair.
c)Amla powder for hair-Applying the paste of Amla powder mixed in lemon juice on the hair 10 to 15 minutes. before washing them with Amla water keeps the hair strong and shining.
d) Make the paste of Amla and Mehandi leaves and apply it on the hair. Keep it applied for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. This will make your hair black and shining.
e) Dandruff Cure-Washing the hair with dicoction of Amla removes dryness of the scalp, checks dandruff and stops excessive fall and the greying of hair.
8. Mensural Disorder: Take boiled pulp of Amla with honey two times a day relieves the pain in the bleeding. Taking Amla juice mixed with ripe banana 3 to 4 times a day during periods-checks profuse bleeding.
9. Urinary Problems : a) Taking 1 gm Amla powder, Kalajeera and 2 gm. ground mishri with cold water cures the habit of urinating in the bed at night. b) Applying a paste of Amla near the navel portion helps in curing urinary problems. c) Taking crushed Amla pulp ( after straining it ) mixed with mishri cures blood in urine.
10. Piles: Piles can be very painful and disturbing. Consumption of amla in different forms keeps the problem at bay. Soak 15 gms. Amla and 15 gms. of Mehandi (myrtle) leaves overnight in 400 gms. Water. Strain the liquid in the morning. Drinking this water checks piles., taking fresh Amla juice with half tsp of ghee and 1 tsp. of honey and 100 gms. of milk-after lunch-cures even chronic piles problem.
11. Kidney Stones: Taking Amla powder with radish helps in checking stone in the bladder by breaking the stones and throwing it out with urine. The best time to have them is morning or evening.
12. Boils in mouth: Doing gargles with water mixed with fresh Amla juice twice or thrice a day gives great relief and helps curing the boils. After gargles apply fresh Amla juice on the boils and let saliva ooze out.
13. Jaundice: Jaundice can be life threatening if proper care is not taken. Amla helps in the following way: Soak 4 Munnakkas (big raisins) in the juice of 4 fresh Amla. After one hour grind the soaked munakkas and mix it with Amlajuice. Taking this potion twice a day gives relief in jaundice.
14. Constipation home remedies: With our current lifestyles where there is no fixed and proper time for having meals, constipation is very common problem. Have 1 tsp dried Amla powder with milk or water before retiring for the day. You can even take 4 tsp fresh Amla juice and 3 tsp honey mixed in a glass of water.
Thus we see that amla comes as a savior in all health related disorders no wonder all the ayurvedic medicines bank upon it as one of the major ingredients. The best part is that amla can be had in any form and does not have any side effects. So, the ideal thing to do would be to make it an important part of your breakfast. Make sure you have atleast 1 amla everyday and keep most of the problems away.
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