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Toe ring, a tradition a fashion…..

Toe ring is a ring made out of various metals and non-metals worn on any of the toes. Indian women has loved, adored and treasured the custom of wearing traditional ornaments. The significance of wearing toe rings in Indian culture is mainly traditional and also influences the religious beliefs. Toe rings are worn as a symbol of the married state by Hindu women. They are usually made of silver and worn in pairs on the second toe of both feet. Usually toe rings are made from silver, as gold holds a ‘respected’ status and may not be worn below the waist by Hindus. But this is not followed very strictly.

There have been detailed studies which claim that wearing toe rings keeps the uterus of the women healthy.

As toe rings are a symbol of married status, according to the Hindu culture and religious beliefs the unmarried girls are prohibited to wear toe rings. Though in the present age toe rings have become a fashion ornament, but the Indian girls still refrain from wearing toe rings before marriage.

Toe rings are no more used as traditional ornaments. They are found even in the western countries and have become a great fashion accessory.

Here are few points to think about before you buy a toe ring:-

1 As you will be wearing the toe ring for days or weeks at a time, choose toe rings very carefully and do not buy a very tight one.

2 Buy a thin toe ring which can bend or flex according to your toe size.

3 It should be finely designed so that it does not end up cutting your feet.

4 The toe ring you choose should be light in weight

Toe rings are a great way to show off beautiful feet and have become very popular as costume jewelry. A very easy way to flaunt your feet.

My choice and collection:
I own toe rings made of silver. (No other metal). And every design I possess are in pairs. Below are few designs in marcasite silver, plain silver, oxidized silver, fancy designs in silver, stone cuttings set on silver. Some hoops, flexible open ended bands and some circular bands. No pair costs above Rs.1000. The pairs below are priced in the range Rs. 250 to Rs. 800.


marcasite stoned silver toe ring


(A marcasite stoned silver toe ring with jade studded in the middle)


marcasite silver toe rings toe rings


(Some more marcasite silver toe rings)


hawaiian toe rings



(Flower designed marcasite silver toe rings)


Plain silver enamel paint toe rings


(Plain silver enamel paint toe rings)


fitted toe rings


(Toe ring made from plain silver with bunch hangings. These hangings make a tingling sound as same as the anklet sound. A very nice design suited for wearing along with traditional outfit.)


toe rings silver


(Stone stud and fancy beads combined fancy toe ring. These are my recent purchases.)


Rajasthani design toe rings


(A close up of stone studded toe ring. This is Rajasthani design)


favorite fancy toe rings


(Another favorite fancy toe ring)

butterfly toe rings



(Another close up view)

white gold toe rings


(A multi color stone design along with color bead hangings. )


custom toe rings


(A simple design, adjustable enamel painted plain silver toe ring)

daily wear toe rings


(Another simple design toe ring best suited for daily wear)


adjustable toe rings designs


(A V-shaped design. This is a traditional wear piece. A very old and famous design her in South India. Almost every lady of all ages own this.)(This is how the V-shaped ring looks when worn.)


rhinestone toe rings


(Some more plain silver adjustable rings for daily rough use.)


daily wear toe rings



Hope you liked  my collections 🙂


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    • i am so impressed ..i love collecting toe ring s though my collection is no way near yours…can u let us know where u got these master pieces from ?

      • i swear…its very rare to see such well designed pieces….most of them carry common designs which i dont like..kuch to hatke hona chahiye na?

  1. Oh wowww! love ur collection..chandini..even i have few..got dem from JODHPUR..just love wearing them! :tap-dance: :inlove:

  2. nice collection chandni.. i too hv a small box of toe rings in enamel, stones and plain…. but none marcasite.. they are totally cool… 🙂

    • Same with me…my toe rings use to be locked in the bag..but when i heard and saw all the girls wearing it ..I also started wearing them 🙂

  3. Kindly help me to fibd these toe rings…i would want to use it on my wedding day soon.please advice how to get these toe rings

  4. Some of these toe-rings are amazing however most of them seems old model. also there are nice tips for the people who wants to buy toe rings for them. Also I would like to know how can one purchase these silver toe rings online?


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