Top 20 Ways To Use Baking Soda


Top 20 Ways To Use Baking Soda

Can you ever imagine, baking soda could be used for more than cooking? Yes! While reading through a post online, I read amazing uses to which baking soda can be put to. Reading it, I immediately knew what my next post would be about

Read on ladies! You would be as amazed as I was.

Bad Breath

baking soda how to use

Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda and swish in your mouth as you gargle. Now spit it and rinse your mouth, you have just completed an easy task of curbing bad breath out of your mouth. Baking soda is effective as a natural neutralizer that works to remove odors effectively.

Polish your yellowish teeth

uses of baking soda

Are you also prone to yellowing of teeth? Intake of caffeine makes it happen to almost every one of us. But using baking soda for toothpaste on a daily basis could actually erode away your teeth so it is advised to use it sometime to clean your teeth of any tartar etc.


If you are wondering baking soda could do this for you effectively or not, believe me you would be recommending it to others once you try it for some time. Just mix it in 3:1 ratio with water and use it.


skin care

Yes! Baking soda can help you do a pedicure of your feet with good effect. It gently exfoliates and cleans your feet.

Use 3 tablespoons of baking soda in hot water and dip your feet to feel the difference. Easy and convenient without any expense, interesting isn’t it?

Hair cleanser

 healthy hair shampoo
We often find despite using serums and shampoos, we find it getting stuck in our hair and we find it difficult to decide what did it to us and what should be changed. Try using it with your shampoo and feel the oily leftovers and dirt leave your hair.

Hand Cleanser and Softener

manicure review
After pedicure, its turn for manicure to be taken care of. On a daily basis, if you use this to clean your hands, may be with your hand wash, you would feel the difference on your hands which would feel softened than before.


Baking soda could help take care of oily and takes care of perspiration on skin very well if baking soda is mixed in bathing water.


Baking soda is effective on body odour and would be very useful if you are not sure to use a deodorant or are having a sensitive skin.

Use on Insect bites

Making a paste of baking soda with water could help with insect bites.

Use on itchy skin and rashes

how to remove itching +baking soda

It is good to use on itchy skin and rashes as well.

Use as a dry shampoo

This one is totally fantastic. If you have not been able to shampoo and you need to go out with no time to spare, you can sprinkle some baking soda on your roots and then run a comb through. You will be just fine.

Clean your combs and hair brushes

hair brush
The most disgusting part of life is when you see your combs an dbrushes dirty and you do not find time to clean them. Just put 1 teaspoon of baking soda in warm water and dip your combs and brushes to clean them off any oil deposits or dirt.

Remove all your tan

Back from a vacation and tanned all over? Use baking soda in 3 parts to 1 part of water and see your tan vanish.

Razor cut pain

This one is a revolution for sure. If you get a cut while shaving, just use baking soda in water to form a paste and let it dry on the wound. After it dries in usually 5 minutes, you may rinse it off.

Use as a nail scrub

You may use the same 3 parts to 1 part water of baking soda paste to scrub and clean your nails before you apply nail paint.

For Acne and Pimples

baking soda benefits
To get rid of pimples and breakouts, you can use baking soda with water and use it directly on the skin wherever affected for a minute or two. Rinse it off after some time with cold water. Repeating this for 2-3 times in a week would help reduce the acne and pimples.

Improve your complexion

baking soda review
Mixing baking soda with water to form a thick paste can help you with skin brightening. Apply this to your skin for a minute and then remove it with warm water to form a lighter skin tone.

Use as a surface cleaner

Often we find the surfaces and planks of our furniture laced with tea stains and alike which are usually very difficult to get rid of. Baking soda can help remove these by making a paste with water.

Treat your nails for fungus

If this has been bothering you for a while, you need to immediately treat it using baking soda. Make a paste of baking soda with warm water and apply on your nails for 1-3 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and repeat it daily until the fungus is removed.

Dandruff can be treated too

dandruff review
Last but not the least, you could clean your scalp off dandruff using this baking soda with 1 lemon. Squeeze the lemon to 1 teaspoon of baking soda and apply on your scalp. Repeat this every week to find a treatment of dandruff.

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