Top 5 Best Shampoos For Dry And Damaged Hair


Shampoo is just meant to remove dirt and product built up from our hair but still we give lot of importance to it and the reason of course is the hair obsession.:D:D Most of us are crazy  about  our hair and we all want to but the shampoo which makes are hair shiny , healthy, prevents breakage and what not:D:D .I believe more than the shampoo it is one’s diet and lifestyle which plays an important  role  when it comes to hair care.I regular have cod liver oil tablets and vitamin E tablets which has helped me hair in surviving .

Cutting the long story short I am listing down few budget shampoos which I have used lately and have worked for me and have turned out my favoruite.I have  reviewed most of the shampoo here and I have taken the feedback in the comment section also into account while giving this list.

1.Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrating Shampoo  And Conditioner – This shampoo cleaned my hair beautifully and made them soft.It has that creamy formula which I completely loved and with this it gives soft shine to the hair.This shampoo is good for those who have thick hair and cost just Rs 190 for 100 ml.If you use this shampoo then try the conditioner as well it helps in weighing down frizzy hair .Cost of the condition is Rs 150 for 100ml.

Matrix Ultra Hydrating Shampoo Review

2.Fab India Protein Shampoo & Conditioner – This shampoo was introduced to me by Harsha and when I used it I recommended it to some 50 girls here on Wise She here.Most of the time I have received good feedback .I love the way this shampoo makes my hair manageable and soft.It has aloevera extract which soothes my scalp.Shampoo suits dry hair beautifully and has mild smell which made me become one of my HG for long long time.I recommended this shampoo to one of my neighbour friend recently and after using it she has stocked four bottles of it  as the shop is far off from her place.Cost of this shampoo is Rs 200 for 275 ml.

Fab India Protein Shampoo Review

3.Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo – This is a shampoo with more herbal ingredients such as Ritha, Amla, Bhingraj, Akhrot and chal.Shampoo adds more  bounce and volume to my hair and cost Rs 159 for 210ml.It lathers well and cleansed oily hair and has mild  herbal fragrance.Shampoo works in hard water and keeps oil away for good time.

Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo Review

4.Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic cream shampoo – This shampoo was reviewed by Reshma and rosemary smell made me love the shampoo. Shampoo was very thick compared to other shampoos which I have tried and some time I didn’t need even the second wash while using it.It didn’t make hair feel sticky and it comes in a travel friendly tube size packaging.Price of the shampoo is Rs 120 for 90ml.

Blossom kochar shampoo Review

5. Dove Intense damage theraphy Shampoo – This shampoo did worked fairly well on my hair.It kept them soft and shiny.I specially liked to use  this shampoo when I had some hair pack or load of  oil on them .It throughly cleaned my hair  without making me suffer from hair fall.

Dove Intense damage therapy shampoo and conditioner review

I have been using Shanaz forever shampoo which too is doing well on my hair.I haven’t reviewed it so thought of not including it in this list.

These are my Top 5 budget shampoo’s  which did cleansed my hair well and keep them away from dandruff but no shampoo has ever been able to stop hair fall or slow it down.They can do the opposite of increasing hair fall but not vice versa.

Also, I don’t think these shampoos are suitable for colored , bleached or rebonded hair.For that I would recommend Loreal professional range shampoo or  schwarzkopf shampoo

This ends my 5 best shampoos  .Which is your favorite and best shampoo?

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  1. thnx 4 d review di :-))
    u shared dt u take cod liver oil tablets n vitamin E tablets u plz suggest d names and d doses of these? 🙂

  2. Nice post. I’d have mentioned Avon Advance Techniques & Dove Daily Shine, too. Fabindia Protein Shampoo is pretty good, but somehow doesn’t work for me. Gets my hair all tangly & frizzy…I stick to Garnier Fructis if it becomes totally unmanageable.

  3. Thanks Anamika . This post helps honey. I have been searching for eternity for a shampoo that works for me.I tried dove and i suffered hair fall. Switched to L’oreal and i thought i laid hands on the best shampoo for me. I got a facial done yesterday ( Aroma ). The counter was gleaming with Matrix stuff. So bought the ultra hyd. shampoo and condi 🙂

    Want to try biotique too… 😀 Thats next month

  4. I want to try the Matrix one! And I would also like to add the Pantene shampoo. It does a quite good cleaning job and doesn’t give hair fall.
    And Amrin, you can get matrix stuff at all Naturals parlors. Not sure abt kanya, though I think they’ll have it.

  5. I liked Fab India Tea Tree shampoo in summers…its got a cooling effect on the scalp and it also works good for me…didnot find much difference between the ALoe Protien and Tea Tree shampoo…i want to try the Biolage one now..

    Good compilation Anu :yes:

  6. all shampos are chemicals so use weely once and also use cocunut oil i seen so many comments that i think loreal will help us to fight hairfall

  7. HI…
    Can u tell me a good shampoo for my dry ,dull and thin hair as i tend to have hairfall coz of using shampoos that have chemicals in them. Also, a suggestion about a good moisturizing conditioner for dry hair is also required…M confused whether to go for matrix or biotique or fabindia.


    • try loreal absolute hair repair conditioner .. Aanch for dry hair.. works awesome! :-)) :yes:
      And i suggest u try dove shampoos and conditioner ..they are good too! Hope that helped! :-))

  8. hello thr evryone… i hve usd matrix shampoo n condtnr.they r rly good n kps ur hair less frizzy n aftr few days it made my hair a bit oily as well. But i wl swtch ovr to matrix again 😀

    right now m using loreal total repair 5.Loreal ranges r sooo bad.they do nothin good fr the hair.they made my hair mre frizzy n disgusting :reallyangry:

    i also use sunsilk pink and yellow bth 😀
    they r pretty ok ok type.
    sunsilk pink condtnr is btr i guess 🙂
    n yes it does make ur hair grow faster n kps it smooth as well :-))

  9. Hi, loved your review. I am desperately looking for a mild, but good shampoo. I used a Loreal one for a while, but it frizzed my hair like crazy and made it very dray, and now I have split ends. I have straight long hair. Any suggestions on a shampoo and conditioner that will stop hairfall and work for dry hair? Which of these do you think will work? Really looking for one desperately. Thanks a lot in advance!

  10. Hi frds i am also facing the same problem ………my hair becomes more dry n hair fall…………could u please suggest the good shampoo which reduce the hairfall,which are available in the market i mean i am from village here only i can get the regular shampoos….i have tried lots of shampoos but no use it dont reduce my hair fall …… week onwards i am using pantene black ………..i dont know wheather its going to work or not………………….thanku friends for sharing your tips

  11. Hi friends ..can any one plz suggest me a nice shampoo n conditioner for dry,thick,frizzy hair ,I have tried many shampoos bt nothing worked ..I want to have soft silky hair plz suggest me 🙂 🙂

  12. hello plz reply to my question………………please help me out………….how abt himalaya shampoo…does it works on hairfall

  13. The best shampoo for me is Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo helped my dry and frizzy hair immensely. The argan oil deeply hydrates my hair and makes the strands more resilient plus frizz is smoothed and shine is increased 🙂

  14. Hi everyone! 🙂
    I have really dry wavy hair which starts getting really rough and lifeless from the second day of hair wash( probably coz the conditioner effect is lost). I have used a few products like the shampoo i am using is Loreal professional lissultime(purple bottle) shampoo and matrix biolage ultra hydrating conditioner. But I am worried that using these products over the long run could damage my hair as they contain a lot of chemicals.
    I am looking for products which do not contain too many chemicals( also can someone tell me which chemicals to avoid in shampoos and conditioners while buying a new one) and at the same time are quite effective in controlling my dryness and making my hair soft and smooth. Do you have any suggestions for any products(which actually work). Also suggestions are invite for hair masques( again the same criteria, i want to avoid chemicals).
    I dont mind slightly expensive products but yeah I definitely cannot afford very high end products. I am in college and stay in a hostel, so I cant really try out natural recipes for my hair. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  15. Dove didnt make much of a difference for me 🙁 Now I’m using one called Pro Naturals moroccan argan oil shampoo and I’m finally seeing improvement, it’s a salon brand and it was pricier than Dove but hey, it worked. 🙂 It even helped with my hair loss problem.

  16. hey anamika 🙂 this is vidya,, 2 months back i read this article . at that tym i was suffering alot with the hairfal issue.i used to lose more than 100 strands a day. now believe me .. my prob is solved almost . and now its just 20 to 25 strands and tht too only wen i detangle my hairs. btw i’ve used matrix biolage fortifying shampoo.i truly recommend to use this to al those who would lyk save their hairs til 50 at least 😉 . one thing i’ve noticed is , prevent yo hairs from getting tangled:) anyway thanks anamika .. nice article again 🙂

  17. hi my hair are dry ,dull too much bounce due to which i cant keep my hair open i always tie them please suggest me shampoo and conditioner indian brand for my hair thanks

  18. Hi,
    Plz suggest me some shampoo for dry, damaged, rough hair texture. My hair is curly so it looks even more frizzy and earlier my hair used to have black colour but now it has become brownish :weep: ……And yes there is too much of hairfall…. PLzzzzzz reply me fast …….I need to fix my hair asap……
    Lookin forward 4 ur reply…………

  19. Hi frds i am also facing the same problem ………my hair becomes more dry n hair fall…………could u please suggest the good shampoo which reduce the hairfall,

  20. Hi friends,
    I have a dandruff problem and bcoz of dandruff I am getting small small pimples on my face, it is irritating more ..
    At present i am using sunsilk pink shampoo and conditioner.. And also so much of hair fall… which shampoo is best could you please suggest it ?…

  21. hi ,
    i have hard water and i mean really hard ,no lather which shampoo works best especially since i have a dry scalp ,and a lot of breakage after wash my hair puff up like i’ve been shocked .kindly suggest a good conditioner to tame them and a shampoo as well tried tressseme, matrix, did’nt work.thanks

  22. hi ,
    which shampoo works best especially since i have a dry scalp ,and a lot of breakage after wash my hair puff up like i’ve been shocked .kindly suggest a good conditioner to tame them and a shampoo as well tried tressseme, matrix, did’nt work.thanks

  23. Pro Naturals argan oil shampoo!!! TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT. That and the leave in argan oil they also sell. The shampoo obviously has no sulfates or alcohol so it’s very good 🙂


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