Top 5 Bollywood Actress Who Are Fit



Top 5 Bollywood Actress Who Are Fit

Bollywood is a place of fitness freaks. Except a few actresses who soo gracefully flaunt their curves, everybody is running to be “fit as a fiddle”.

The description of being fit goes beyond being able to run long distance or lift a lot at the gym. Being fit mean being in shape. In the right size you’re supposed to be; not fat nor skinny.

So, today I’ll be listing five Bollywood divas who are undoubtedly fit and beautiful and are inspiration for all the weight watchers.

Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone fit actress


A national level badminton player in the past, a former fashion model, a certified scuba diver and one of the most popular Bollywood actresses today, Deepika Padukone has a body to die for. She is a foodie, but she doesn’t forget to burn them in the gym.

Bipasha Basu


Bipasha Basu fitness freak


She is the bong bombshell of Bollywood and her love for health and fitness is known worldwide. Not only does she believes in being fit but also believes in motivating others to be fit. Thus she launched her fitness DVDs a few months back. She is an inspiration.

Chitrangada Singh:


Chitrangada Singh fitness routine


The sexy mommy of one, the dusky beauty of Bollywood has one of the enviable figures in the sphere. She is fit as a fiddle and kicks of all the calories while practicing kick boxing. Age is just a number for her. No wonder she chosen as the brand ambassador of Puma.

Priyanka Chopra:


Priyanka Chopra weight and fitness


When you are chosen for acting in a biopic of Mary Kom, then it means you are definitely fit. And Priyanka Chopra is fit in every way. She is not a gym freak but she work out daily and take balanced food on a regular basis.

Katrina Kaif:


Katrina Kaif fitness


She carries one of the sexiest hourglass figures of Bollywood. Her strict diet and fitness regime made her get this perfect figure.

Beside these 5 names, there are many in the film industry who are fit and fine.

Who are your top fit divas in the industry?

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