Top 5 Bollywood Actresses In Sarees


Top 5 Bollywood actresses in Sarees

Saree…. The one thing I am sure everybody adores, I mean I find no reason why not to love this attire. Saree is always associated with India, of course saree has got its roots in India but let us all be proud of the fact that saree is now being adored and loved all around the world. We can now spot some Hollywood celebrities flaunting sarees. India has got a lot of styles to wear a saree and each style has got its own grace.
Why do I personally like saree despite of the fact that it requires some efforts to wear and carry it??
Well saree is just the right attire to bring out the feminity in you , make you look graceful and yet manage to expose the right amount of body and make you look sexy not vulgar.

Saree is actually very versatile to be worn as and our bollywood divas too have their own way to carry it. Today in this post we shall bring forth you top 5 bollywood actresses who looked immensely gorgeous in Saree.

The first in the list is none other than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Oh my goodness I always fall in love with her whenever I see her in this attire. Infact she is one of those actresses who has time and again chosen this attire at numerous public events. And her recent appearance in Cannes with Abhishek Bachchan in a Sabyasachi saree made heads turn round. Though her makeup could have been a little better.

Aishwarya Rai in Manish Malohtra's Saris (5)

Aishwarya in saree

The next on the list is my personal favorite Piyanka Chopra, I am a big big bigggg fan of hers. But then I am not at all bias to get her on this list. She simply deserves to be here. She is a diva with perfect body and perfect poise. She carries every style so perfectly and looks ravishing in bikini blouses paired with sarees.

Priyanka chopra in saree

How can we miss the Indian Barbie  Katrina Kaif, she is another bollywood lady who manages to look perfect in sarees each time, she does not really speak Indian language well but she really does know how to carry Indian sarees. Remember the “teri ore” song from the movie singh is king,,, she looked like an angel in all three sarees.


How can I not mention Kareena Kapoor, she had the art of acting and looking good in her blood, though she overacts some time but we are not here to discuss her acting her. Let me just appreciate her for how beautiful she looks in saree. Time and again she has made many hearts beat faster with her appearances in saree. And I must she just killed it in her red saree, how can someone look this hot!!!  One thing I noticed about this beauty is she does her signature blow dried hair dos most of the times when she wears a saree.

Here comes my another favorite, the gorgeous Dia Mirza. She is one beauty who I feel has got control over time and she just stopped her watch. Neither does she ever look less youthful nor does she ever look slim or fat…. She looks just the way she looked when she won Miss Asia pacific Pageant. I wonder isn’t she a successful actresses, I personally like her. And when she sports a saree she just convinces my liking for her. She looks like an Indian Doll who is meant to look beautiful always.


I hope liked this post… do let me know who your favorites are!!!!

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