Top 5 Budget Makeup Brushes To Buy


Top 5 Budget Makeup Brushes To Buy

Makeup brushes are pretty important and may be as important as pen is to paper. Like choosing the right pen is a must for your calligraphy, so is a good makeup brush necessary for your face to look good with your makeup. One needs to be careful while making the purchase to ensure that the makeup on a daily basis is not a problem. If we compromise on brushes, we are simply compromising on our makeup.

To this effect, we must buy right set of brushes and have our own satisfaction. However, as is understandable, spending too much on brushes also could be a problem as one needs to be judgmental about the same as well.

I am bringing to you some economic and budget brushes which are useful to you and are not going to burn a hole into your pocket. You can use them for their quality and are not at all a compromise on your makeup.

Audrey’s Blush Brush


This brush comes at a price of INR 195 and is very convenient to use. Audrey’s name is enough for someone in knowledge of makeup and brushes and this is from the affordable range of brushes from the brand. The bristles are soft and are not made of animal skin. The brushes do not shed hair and are also quite dense to enable a smooth finish on your blush. I am sure you would not regret purchasing this one.

Kryolan Professional Brush Art 3511

Brush Review

Priced at INR 135, this brush is meant for eye makeup. It is perfectly sized for your eye makeup giving a good grip for your hands. The brush doesn’t bleed and is easy to clean and maintain after use with minimal loss of bristles.

QVS Eyeshadow Brush Line And Define

Eyeshadow Brush

This one is meant for eye shadows application; its unique shape gives an idea of its multi-purpose utility. You can shape your eyebrows with it to define them as well. The brush is soft made of nylon and is very good and convenient to use.

MAC 187 (Dupe) Brush


This brush is for foundation. Priced at $2.03, this is also affordable brush within your budget with good application. The bristles are so placed that they ensure a flawless finish to your foundation, the bristles set in well and give you finesse in application with airbrush finish.

Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator

Tip Applicator

This brush comes with dual brush side with one side bristled and the other with foam applicator. Both the ends are well guarded using plastic covers for enabling ease in carrying them. The bristles are soft and easy to use. They smudge the kohl and shadow well. The sponged tip side is also very nice and is sturdy enough to help you darken the kohl and shadow without breaking it off. All in all a worthy purchase at INR 150.

I hope you all liked the 5 brushes I proposed here for easy application of your cosmetics. All these brushes are well within budget and are definitely worth their cost. These brushes are quite popular since long and there are many reviews on our own blog as well. Please do not hesitate to use them. They are definitely too good to be this known amongst women around us.

Have you tried any of these brushes?

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